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The Daily Scanner has the opportunity to work with the best of the best journalists in the industry. As part of its responsibility to stand accountable to all the articles published, we provide this Authors and Contributors page for every reader to know the powerful brains behind each compelling story publishing on the website. If you wish to get in touch with our publishers, please refer to the details provided below. NOTE: All numbers provided are routing digits to ensure the safety of our contributors too.


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Daily Contributors

Erika Matthews (5)
NASA Launches New Mars Probe To Study ‘Marsquakes’

Erika has been contributing to multiple news websites since 2015. She started her blog back in 2016 tackling lifestyle and beauty tips. Her passion towards journalism and sharing relevant information with global readers pushed her to take journalism major at Boston University. She is now a full-time contributor to The Daily Scanner.

+1 646 5859373

Jessica Peters (2)
Google Unveils Plans For Smarter Features With AI Technology

Jessica is a business and tech enthusiast. She is currently taking her masters in business at the New York University. Mostly, Jessica aims to cover the advancements on both fields and see its participation to our way of life. Further, she seeks to share with readers her views and opinions regarding relevant topics to initiate a more in-depth understanding.

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Joseph Hall (4)
Brisbane Film Fest To Help Protect Africa’s Livelihood

Joseph is our senior analysts with exceptional experiences in Tech, Business, and Current Events coverage. He is a graduate of journalism from the Boston University, and since then, joined multiple news/media both on paper or online. Joseph is a regular contributor to The Daily Scanner.

+1 646 5859381

Linda Evans (5)
New McDonalds Campaign Leaves Customers Speechless

Linda is the business and lifestyle contributor to The Daily Scanner. Sharing the same vision with TDS, Linda aims to contribute further to the progress of every headline by publishing updates and views relevant to the topic. Aside from news publishing, Linda is also an entrepreneur and an excellent public speaker.

+1 646 8589382

Michael Fernandez (4)
Scientists Train Spider To Jump On Command

"Nothing, but straightforward news." Michael believes in publishing truthful, relevant, and information-rich news headlines. With proper ethics and research, Michael derives his inspiration from social influences and current status quo. Regarding credentials, Michael is journalism graduate from the University of Maryland.

+1 646 5859384

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