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One-On-One with Independent Artist Trap Hefner

The global music scene is probably one of the hardest spaces to break into. There is a lot of competition, and it is not easy to penetrate this industry as an independent artist. But this has not stopped Trap Hefner. Trap has built his name in the US music scene and beyond, with his music receiving a lot of praise.

One of his singles, “Visions of the Future,” amassed over 70,000 streams on Spotify a few weeks after its release. His other songs, “Impossible,” “Universal Memory,” and “Be a Star,” are also doing incredibly well with thousands of streams. How did Trap break into this brutally competitive industry? He shares with us.

According to Trap, he started his journey when he was a kid. He explains that he has always loved listening to music, which drove him to start creating his own. But he didn’t release any of his tracks until 2020 when Trap dropped his debut single.

His skills, diverse background, and vast understanding of the music industry now set him apart. Trap explains that the knowledge and skills he has gained over the years had helped him in his journey, as he had already found his sound when he released his first song. This made it easier for him to connect with his listeners and even grow his own fan base.

Another factor that helped Trap is how he had already established himself in the digital space. Even though Trap had not officially begun his journey in the music industry, he used his social media to share his spoken-word pieces and even bits of his life. He says this made it somewhat easier to transition to the music industry and promote his work.

Trap Hefner used what was available to him to share his passion with the rest of the world, and he cemented his place. As he continues to grow, he says his goal is to use his platform to help and support his listeners and other up-and-coming artists.