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One of the Most Valuable Life Skills Is Taking Control of Your Money – Derek Wolf

Derek Wolf is an innate entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Howling Wolves Financial Services. He hails from an entrepreneurial family, proving true the notion that the environment around us largely contributes to the people we become. 

Before his birth, Derek’s dad was in the dairy and farming industry, and his mom was a civilian instructor for the Air Force until he was around 4-6 years old. By the time he was 2 years old, his dad had built his mom her dream house and was out of the dairy industry, now heading of fleet maintenance for a prominent dairy produce transportation company. When he was 12, his dad started his own trucking company.

Derek’s siblings are also self-made entrepreneurs who started their own businesses at quite a young age. When he was 14, his brother had a pressure washing company, and his sister operated a boutique shop. Derek wasn’t left behind, either. He was active in 4-H and FFA, holding presidential offices in both, and he even ran for national office showing cattle.

Aside from being a talented entrepreneur, Derek also possesses strong leadership skills, which was evident even when he was a young boy. He was in the Boy Scouts, where he was the troop leader, a youth event leader, and an altar server in his local church. While in high school, he joined the volunteer fire department, where he helped rejuvenate the  department and older equipment and held multiple offices. After high school, Derek went to college through the over $100K worth of scholarships he won in 4-H and FFA. He joined the ROTC program and was promoted to the squad and then platoon due to his leadership skills. 

In life, success never comes easy. It takes hard work and grit to see yourself scale to unimaginable heights. At a young age of 12, Derek started his mowing and landscaping company doing commercial and residential  jobs while still working in his brother’s pressure washing business during the night and on weekends. He also continued to help out his dad with his trucking company and co-ran their show cattle company. Despite juggling these many roles, Derek earned a degree in economics, finance, and business.

Derek wants people to know everything eventually works out, even if the beginning might be dim. After graduation, he worked 70–90 hour weeks doing multiple blue-collar jobs and other side hustles. Derek saw the light when he started a side job in insurance, where he ended up earning a side income higher than the other side jobs he was doing. He soon realized there was a route with insurance that people didn’t know about.

Armed with determination, Derek started helping people capitalize on the value of their dollars by using life insurance while still alive. He helps people secure their financial futures and live comfortable lives even when a loved one passes away. Aside from helping people with life insurance, Derek takes people through multiple critical points in financial literacy. Derek and his firm believe people can acquire financial freedom if they are taught how to take control of their finances first.

Derek aspires to equip generations with this knowledge through seminars and his social media accounts. He envisions Howling Wolves Financial Services growing to become a prominent financial consulting firm while helping people reach financial freedom.