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Once again, from the ‘Eastside’ by John Jay

Straight for Miami, the city of musical glory, Pop star John Jay is making headlines with his latest music released on Spotify. The hit single ‘Eastside’ features the most talented upcoming artist Kyan Palmer. Following his previous release collaborations with Jean Deaux, John Jay has been putting in work, and you can tell from the energy and lyrics of this banger tune.

The song is a motivation to the young artist working hard in the music industry and fuses R&B with Pop, not forgetting the creative beats by the music producer. Independent Hits have done good on this hit, and John Jay seems to have gone out on this one. The theme of not giving up in Miami is experienced in the hard lyrics.

Shining Bright

There has been no confirmation on any upcoming projects after this hit release, but we will most likely hear from John Jay in the future. The artist has his music on Spotify. You can also stream John Jay’s music on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed by the quality and content of John’s music. On his Spotify page, you find various past projects in case you want to listen to all his music. You must admit John Jay outdid himself in music for a young upcoming artist, and even better when he founded his record label. His music has been produced under his recording label ‘Independent Hits,’ where he creates hit bangers with other inspirational artists. The growing record label is making more quality music, which has helped most of its top releases compete with other music releases in the industry.

Most of John’s music is a dedication to his triumphant growth and resilience in the industry. Being patient and determined, he withstood the storm to become a singer and a record label owner who impacts other artists’ life going through what he went through.

Levels Change

Featuring the best names in the music industry was not part of his plan, and it has been amazing having to work with the best artists in the industry. Even though the future is the brightest, John continues to be thankful and humble in his music career. It’s evident that he has what it takes to be the best, and the mere fact that he is not there yet means he has a long way to go. However, he is not the same place he was when he started his journey. One step at a time, he gradually grows, and together with his record label, he will go far. His determination to help other people and change lives through his love for music is encouraging. Especially for such a young person, having achieved what he has acquired in life is motivating to the public and other people.

It is essential to get to know his story. It’s a motivating story of how a young man did not give up until he found his piece of the pound cake.

Feel free to check him out on the app and have a taste of his music