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Ohio darkwave musician Bishop Battle leaves his mark on 2020

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bishop Battle is described as a prolific singer/songwriter who complements an edgy darkwave sound with his dexterous vocal talent.

Appearing at a wide variety of venues across the state, he has cemented himself as one of the best original artists in Ohio, and was declared ‘Homegrown Artist of the Week’ by 96Rock in Cincinnati earlier in 2020, receiving commercial radio airplay with his anthemic single ‘Underrated.’

Bishop Battle has been compared to Depeche Mode because of his captivating electro-pop style. However, he does not just stick to one type of sound, as he has tracks that range from gritty and edgy (Come as You Are), to gloomily infectious yet introspective (Visceral), as well as tracks that are relatively lighter and more upbeat (Fly Away).

The consistent quality of Bishop Battle’s music undoubtedly rests on his masterful blend of technical production, musical composition, and his refreshingly unique vocal timbre. Bishop Battle is simply a great singer, and he has the musical expertise to support that raw talent and produce an impressive catalogue of music.

The artist comes from a background of being in the US Marines, playing college football, and acting in shows like “Criminal Minds,” and “The Unit.”  His acting experience definitely seems to support him in his live performances, where he is noted for having a strong and theatrically charismatic stage presence.  As if that weren’t enough, Bishop is also the frontman for the alternative rock band Continua, who is set to release their debut E.P. ‘Flagship’ in the fall of 2020.

With his latest single ‘Temptress’ being warmly received by fans and newcomers alike, Bishop Battle will undoubtedly have a lasting impact in 2020 and beyond.

Listen to Temptress here