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Photo: Unsplash

Non-toxic living: home products you need to swap out

Making an effort to live a non-toxic life starts at home. There are many advantages to switching out chemical-laden products. Mainly, it is better for the environment and for your health. Doing so doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are household products that you can swap out with healthy, natural alternatives:

All-purpose Cleaner – Prepare to be overwhelmed when you take a look at the ingredients list of your trusty all-purpose cleaner. There is a chock-full of chemicals in there that can cause headaches, asthma flare-ups and throat burns. Use a plant-based natural concentrate instead of ethical cleaning brands.

Dryer Sheets – Conventional dryer sheets may look harmless but these are packed with harmful chemicals. Toss them out and replace them with organic wool dryer balls instead. These are available for cheap on Amazon. To naturally ad fragrance, take a few drops of fragrant essential oils in add it to the dryer balls.

Air Freshener/ Odor Eliminators – Put the aerosol sprays down and permanently kick them out of the house. There are other ways to keep your home smelling fresh without using artificial scents. Opt for naturally scented candles, burn some essential oils on a ceramic diffuser or drop some into a humidifier.

Stain Remover / Bleach – Stain removers usually contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. You can make your own pre-mixed cleaner and use that instead. Another option is to make a paste with baking soda and some cleaner. Or you can just buy an organic alternative in stores.