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Nick the Greek gets authentic Mediterranean flavors to the customers.

Nick the Greek still keeps its spirits high with an inflatable version of the company’s logo – a Greek man serving gyros.

Westwood’s newest addition, Nick the Greek, opened on October. 8. Initially based in San Jose, the establishment strategically expanded to Kinross Avenue. It is an ideal setting for a modern restaurant catering to young customers. The eatery remains true to its Grecian roots. The entire menu revolves around souvlaki – a popular Greek dish with meat and vegetables on a skewer – and gyros, meat cooked and shaved off a vertical rotisserie.

The restaurant’s aesthetic matches its Grecian focus as blue and white accent the walls, and traditional music fills up the background noise. While waiting in line, the clients can learn about Greek culture and Greek root words, as their basic meanings and example words are written on the walls. One side of the wall has simple signage that breaks down how to correctly pronounce gyro and souvlaki – an essential addition for customers unfamiliar with the cuisine and may be worried about mispronouncing their orders. Indoor dining has been shut for some time. Nick the Greek has a mix of high tables throughout the restaurant. The place is perfect for future lunch dates and game nights, with TVs mounted on the walls and an open kitchen that makes for a homey atmosphere. Nick the Greek is sure to keep the clients coming back with its all-encompassing menu, which features gyros and pita, mixed bowls, skewered meat plates, salads, and traditional Greek desserts. Keeping its strictly Greek roots, the restaurant sets itself apart from nearby Mediterranean-based competitors, such as CAVA and Luna Grill. The restaurant offers traditional Greek sweets, including baklava, loukoumades, and Greek-style frozen yogurt. The baklava is a rich pastry made with layers of phyllo, honey, and nuts, balancing flaky, crunchy, and smooth textures, serving as a delicious ending to the Nick the Greek experience. It is priced at only $3.50, this budget-friendly and tasty pastry warrants a trip to the restaurant on its own.

With an affordable Grecian menu and culturally on-brand aesthetic, Nick the Greek provides customers with a trip to Athens right in the heart of Westwood.