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Jordan Gilliam aka NGB Twin

NGB Twin, on the road to fame

Jordan Gilliam aka NGB Twin, (born November 17, 1996, Tuscaloosa Alabama US), is an American hip-hop artist that is rapidly emerging in the hip-hop industry with a new sound people are naturally being drawn to.

Growing up life was never easy for NGB Twin. Losing his mother at the age of 16, and his father at 23, music turned into a way that he can express his emotions. Overcoming two devastating losses, he was ready to prove to the world that he was up next and that it was his time to shine. His first project that he released was “Life b4 Fame” in 2019 and it stamped his name in his city as a serious and promising prospect in the hip-hop world.

He quickly began gaining a variety of fans across all of his social media platforms who were eager to hear more music from him. Following the success of his first project, along with the growth of his fanbase, he released 2 songs “On God” and “Story 1” featuring his twin brother NGB Mike. Propelling his music career further he started gaining the attention of people beyond his city limits.

Always staying true to his fans, NGB Twin never fails to take his music to the next level with new punchlines, and a melodic tone that makes you wanting more and more. When asked who his favorite artist is, NGB Twin answered “YFN Lucci”.

He also said that from the beginning of his career he’s been inspired by J Prince. NGB Twin and his brother NGB Mike have some big plans for 2021 and have their whole city backing them up. Gaining a substantial amount of fans daily, NGB Twin has the world at his fingertips. He is growing his collaboration catalog and has worked with a few underground artists such as Promethakeem, NGB DEE Boii, Young Damier, J Phantom, OuterSpaceAce, and his in house producer IAmCDogBeatz.

Keep your eyes peeled for NGB Twin as he’s sure to shake the game up with his future releases!