New “Virtue of the Day” Free App Will Improve Your Life

It’s not always easy to be a good person. If you’re like most people, you’re faced with difficult situations daily, and you often don’t know how to respond in the best way. It’s so easy to get discouraged when bombarded with negative circumstances, but it’s still possible to live virtuously if you practice one virtue a day.

What does it mean to live a virtuous life? The Cambridge Dictionary defines a virtuous person as someone “having good moral qualities and behavior”. In short, being virtuous means behaving per moral standards. These standards could range from helping those in need to practicing gratitude toward others. There are many different virtues people should strive for, and while that may sound like a simple concept, sometimes, we need someone to remind us why virtue is a good thing.

The Virtue of the Day app is a free, fun, and interactive way to learn and practice virtues daily. This mobile application sends out notifications each day with a virtue to practice, such as patience, honesty, or kindness. The app idea was inspired by Baha’i virtues to help users develop positive character habits by gradually building up their resistance against difficult situations. This helps them develop habits that improve their lives and make it easier for them to deal with similar problems graciously in the future.

Cyrus Rafizadeh, Virtue of the Day’s founder, is a master innovator determined to make the world a much better and happier place. He’s been interested in and worked in tech, app development, and related spaces for years, accumulating invaluable expertise he leveraged to scale multiple businesses. His recent ventures include CarSwap, the largest app for trading cars worldwide. Dubbed “Tinder for Cars” by the media, CarSwap’s intelligent matchmaking interface for cars earned the company a loyal following that’s growing daily. 

“In day-to-day life, we are faced by many different types of situations and challenges, each of which requires a different virtue to overcome,” the app developer says. “For example, if a bad driver cuts you off in traffic, that’s when we should practice calmness. Or if a friend asks us for help moving furniture, then we should practice helpfulness. If we practice 1 virtue every day, after a few months, we gradually develop positive characteristic habits to handle difficult situations better. The Virtue of the Day app provides you new virtues every day that can be practiced in different scenarios and will gradually improve your ability to handle tough challenges.”


Rafizadeh believes the more positive and constructive virtues we develop, the more people want to be around us, resulting in a happier and more successful life. Virtue of the Day features a virtue for every day of the year and provides tips on how to live that virtue. It reminds us daily to choose a different virtue that corresponds with our needs in that particular situation and offers ways to cultivate it. By doing so, not only will you become more self-aware and conscious, but you can also overcome challenges more quickly and skillfully.

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