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Never Lose Important Equipment Again with GearEye! | ft. CEO of GearEye Inc. Julia Lerner

Recently, Julia Lerner, founder and CEO of GearEye Inc., was invited to share her story regarding GearEye’s conception by ValiantCEO! This interview revealed many things only someone truly a part of the process could have possibly known. 

Including how the idea of GearEye was conceptualized, the five-year process in which Julia Lerner and her team of engineers and software developers worked on making their Smart Gear Management System into a reality, and, even, some of the more latest news to come out of their launch!

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or just curious about how the development manufacturing process worked, we highly recommend that you read the interview!

Meanwhile, for this article, we’ll be diving into an overview of how GearEye tracks your essential gear and how and when it could prove to be useful to you and/or your business! (Prepare for some tech-heavy details!)

GearEye | Smart Gear Management System

The Smart Gear Management Solution, GearEye, was an idea that came to CEO Julia Lerner back in 2015 after she had missed a flight because of a lost (and later found) passport. According to Julia, all she had been able to think of to herself at the time was: “What if I could find a way to stay connected to all my important stuff all the time?”

And so, at the brink of finally solving her own personal issue of constantly losing gear, Julia Lerner let her inspiration guide her into working out how one can go about tracking equipment in a way that was both comprehensive and affordable! 

Must-Have Gear For On-The-Go Professionals!

Of course, rather than being just a safety net, GearEye provides a very easy solution for on-the-go professionals who want an easy way of managing valuable equipment no matter what they’re working with — whether it is the world’s smallest messenger bag or the largest camera suitcase ever to be created, GearEye should work for you.

Focus On Using Your Gear!

Their ultimate goal with GearEye is to allow you to ‘focus on using your gear and let GearEye keep track of the gear in your stead.’ And, to this end, the device is very easy to use! Their regular tags (RFID sticker tags) have the highest-quality adhesive and can be placed on just about any surface except for metallic ones (and for metal items, they offer special metal tags that you can use instead.) 

Ah, but this is just the beginning. Their kit, which currently has a retail price of under $300, comes with both kinds of tags and their GearEye dongle (their compact, RFID scanner), which is what you will need to pair with your phone via Bluetooth to start tracking all your equipment. 

Never Lose A Single Piece of Gear Again with the GearEye App & GearEye Dongle!

But alright, how does the GearEye app work and how can you use it and the GearEye dongle to keep track of and find missing items? Well, it can all be broken down into a few easy steps! Let’s look at it from the perspective of an experienced photographer:

Step 1: Put On Tracking Devices (i.e., RFID Tags!)

The affordable RFID GearTags (RFID Tags), which is sold by GearEye as both a part of a kit and its own product, is easily attached to plastic and other material (special tags are required for metal items, like your camera, as mentioned before).

GearEye ensures that tracking is low-cost per item by choosing RFID tags or stickers that are worth $0.10 apiece — a choice that Julia Lerner said that they made during the early stages of their development process. 

It requires no batteries, making it long-lived, and has a more powerful adhesive than most alternatives, making sure that it will stay on your work equipment! Helping you keep your gear safe indefinitely.

Step 2: Pair the GearEye App with GearEye Scanner!

Next, open the GearEye app on your mobile device (it is on both iOS and Android) and pair it with the GearEye Dongle via Bluetooth. This part is easy, just hold the dongle close to the back of your phone!

Step 3: Scan RFID Tags and Register Item on GearEye App!

This is the step that takes up the most effort in your case, but it’s fairly straightforward as well. All you have to do is scan each tagged item, give it a name, and take a photo. 

Once scanned, GearEye will instantly begin monitoring, making it a simple solution that allows you to track a truly impressive number of items (different from other trackers). 

Step 4: (Optional) Use As Efficient Management Solution!

On the app, you can also organize your items in customized lists (or gig-specific groups) that can help you in keeping track of a specific group of gear. This makes it easy to round up all your gear at the end of the day.

Whether that be the camera equipment for this week’s beach shoot or whatever tech you need to launch your professional career in mixing music! 

Ultimately, this will also help with replacing equipment, if it comes to that!

Step 5: GearEye App Tells You Something is Missing! Now What?

Alright, so on the subject of actually using this product to track your items! This is fairly simple, just make sure that you have the GearEye dongle handy (our recommendation is to attach it to your bag’s zipper!) 

The dongle serves as a focal point for your RFID tags. If you want to enhance GearEye’s scanning accuracy make sure that you keep it close! 

It will also communicate with the GearEye app, which will notify you when items are missing so long as you give it permission to run in the background — GearEye will use your phone’s smart sensors thereafter to store each item’s last known location.

And, if you’d like, after a successful event or gig, you can prompt the app to show you a list of all your items so that you can confirm that everything is there. This requires only a simple tap at the ‘Quick GearCheck’ button, the app will mark any missing items!

Who is it For? | The Story of GearEye

This product was definitely created for those of us who tend to lose sight of precious gear due to the distraction of work (or, just your average daily life.)

As mentioned previously, the CEO of the company, Julia Lerner, had developed the product to fill a need that she herself had. One that was echoed by many others! (If you look at GearEye’s Kickstarter page, you’ll see that the product earned almost 600,000 dollars in crowdfunding!)