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Nelk Boys is brought to you by Ausgod – the man behind the camera of these infamous prank bros

Today, Nelk Boys are a team of prank bros who regularly rack up millions of views for every new video they drop. Today, they have over six million subscribers on YouTube and are growing every day. Their daring and often-controversial pranks have given them legendary free exposure that has only helped them grow. Without Austin Ermes, aka Ausgod, this sort of success may not have been possible.

Nelk Boys
Nelk Boys

Austin has been the director of content for Nelk Boys and their brand Full Send for almost three years now. His unique filming style keeps everything exciting and makes you feel like you’re right there with the Nelk Boys themselves.

You could say that ever since Ausgod joined the Nelk family, the brand has seen its popularity skyrocket even further.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t say that the videos Nelk Boys videos aren’t interesting. This team of pranksters sure knows how to keep things dialed to 11.

The talented Ausgod films all of the content and edits it to perfection.

Austin’s interest in videography didn’t start off with prank videos. He went to school for digital communications and got his first major gig with the clothing and lifestyle company. While working for them, he filmed a short documentary that went behind the scenes at the brand and gained over a million views.

Austin also started up his own video production company called Ausgod. It was through this that he eventually ended up doing some freelance work for Nelk Boys. This lasted a few months, and he thoroughly enjoyed it, but Austin wasn’t exactly part of the team yet. It was only when he got a call from Kyle Forgeard, CEO of Nelk Boys, who asked him if he wanted to come and work with them full-time in California. Seeing this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, he quickly took it and packed his bags for the Golden State.

After working with Nelk Boys for nearly three years, Austin couldn’t be happier. He’s got no plans of doing anything else right now, especially considering this is basically his dream job. Nelk Boys and their brand, Full Send, are only getting more popular. These prank bros are inching their way toward 10 million subscribers, which would be an extraordinary feat if they reach it.

The energy Austin can capture in the videos he makes for Nelk Boys help with carrying the brand to new heights of popularity. The incredibly loyal fanbase can’t wait until the next Nelk video drops, and part of that has to do with the video skills of Ausgod.

Austin’s road to get to where he is today resulted from being determined to be the best at his craft, and it has paid off very well.

If you want to see the latest from Austin, then head over to his Instagram page @AUSGOD and also follow the Nelk Boys on Instagram and subscribe to see their latest videos on YouTube.