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Nancy Mello reveals her most memorable readings as psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator

Nancy Mello is an animal intuitive, psychic medium, and clairvoyant based in Connecticut, USA. Nancy’s abilities developed since she was very young, and over her life she has become even more in-tune with them to the point she can perform in-depth readings that connect people with lost or deceased pets, as well as deceased loved ones.

Below, Nancy answered a few of our questions about her abilities and what her most memorable readings are.

Where do you believe your clairvoyant abilities come from?

I believe there is a genetic component. My Maternal Great-Great Grandfather had a church where he was able to “heal” people in the early 1900s, but other than that I only have anecdotal evidence of it running through my family. Some people just appear “wired” in this way, and I am interested in learning more from a scientific perspective how my brain differs from others without the gift of clairvoyance or mediumship.

How did you hone your abilities over time to make them so effective?

My abilities are similar to a muscle. The more you work the muscle, the more it grows, and the more you can achieve. I have always had abilities, and regardless if I actively used them or not, they would be there. I do find that the more I actively work with clients the more tuned-in I seem to be, even when I’m not working with a client. My brain naturally is turning to this state of sensing. It is wonderful, but if you asked my kids, they wouldn’t think so- it’s less easy for them to be dishonest!

What are some of your most memorable or impactful readings?

—Dog Passing

Cleo was a beautiful older dog that’s owner came to me sure that Cleo was ready to pass. We chatted on the phone and I sensed that Cleo had a “bucket list” that included going to the shore, chasing sea birds, and riding in the car. Her owner was surprised but delighted and worked hard to check off Cleo’s list. A few months later as the pandemic hit, Cleo’s owner called me to let me know the list was complete and Cleo was ready to go. They honored me by allowing me to safely meet Cleo in person. As I entered the bedroom Cleo was in, she lifted her head briefly and I heard her clearly say, “Are you the one that is going to take me home?” It was heartbreaking yet beautiful, as she told me a “black dog” was waiting for her. Her owners confirmed her best friend next door was a black dog, and she had passed a couple of years prior. Cleo safely passed a couple of days later. I think about her a lot, and I am so appreciative of her family allowing me into Cleo’s life, ever so briefly.

—Pet Found

Oliver was a diabetic mini poodle that had been missing a couple of days when a family friend of Oliver’s asked if I could help. I could see him stuck under a shed down a long dirt road. “Long dirt road?” the person exclaimed. “We live on Long Island!” I continued to work with Oliver through the night, trying to get him to wiggle out from where he was stuck. The next morning, he was found in a diabetic coma near a shed down a long dirt road. His family rushed him to the Veterinarian and remarkably, Oliver survived. His family and friends even took a video to show me the long dirt road and exactly where he was found. I am still in touch with Oliver’s family to this day.

—Person that had passed.

Kristen came to me wanting to connect with her dad that had passed over. A one-hour reading turned into two as her dad gave her finite details of his passing and what he wanted her to understand. Kristen and I met as strangers but by the end of reading it was clear her dad wanted us to be friends. A couple of months later I had an opportunity to go to Chicago for a weekend for readings. Even though Kristen and I were not close, I had this odd feeling I needed to invite her along. Not thinking she would accept, I messaged her and asked. She replied immediately that she would love to come, as that is where her dad always told her he wanted her to go to visits. The weekend arrived and her dad continued to show signs he was around. It was uncanny, even for me. On Saturday, I left for a day of readings and Kristen went to the art museums her dad had recommended some fifteen years before. At the end of the day we met up, and Kristen’s face was white. I asked what was wrong, and she showed me her phone. She showed me a photo of her wedding, her dad smiling in the photo with a painting behind him. Kristen then swiped to the next photo that was taken at the art museum that day. Lo and behold, there was the exact same painting. It then made sense why I had felt the need to invite Kristen with me to Chicago. Her dad wanted to show her the painting he loved so much that he had proudly stood by at her wedding. Needless to say, that cemented our friendship, and I count Kristen among one of my closet friends -all thanks to her dad who knew we both needed each other.


I had a parrot at the beginning of the pandemic named Bleu that the owner thought was going crazy. Bleu was screeching and every time the owner walked by, he would reach out to try and nip at her. After communicating with Bleu, it was clear that he wasn’t going crazy- only wondering why his owner was always around. He was used to his quiet time when she would leave for work. Once I explained to Bleu that the owner would be staying home, next was asking him what he needed to feel better. He wanted his cage moved near the window, and he also wanted more time outside of his bird cage. I relayed this to his owner and while she was doubtful, she agreed to give it a try. Two days I received a video from her, Bleu happily talking on the top of his cage next to the window. “Are you a happy boy?” the owner is heard saying on the video. Bleu had done a complete turnaround in a short amount of time, and not only was his owner not frightened of him but had bonded with him deeper because of the experience.


J scheduled her reading in January 2020, worried about her daughter graduating from high school in the Spring and some big changes coming up. When we spoke, I oddly didn’t see J’s daughter graduating that Spring. I tried to look at it from different angles, but I just couldn’t see anything happening in her family.  J was alarmed, and over the next week checked her daughter’s grades and spoke with the school guidance counselor to confirm that she would graduate. “Nancy, I trust you” J messaged. “But I just don’t see what could prevent her from graduating.” Two months later COVID-19 hit the United States, and everything shut down. J’s daughter didn’t end up having a “graduation” Thankfully, she did receive her diploma.

What have your experiences as a clairvoyant taught you about people, animals, and their connections to one another?

We all have a unique space and purpose here in the world; not just people- but animals as well. From the tiniest lizard to the biggest living animal in the world- the Blue Whale, we all are meant to be here. There are no accidents, and everything is within the universe and God’s design. Our challenge as people is to be willing to listen to those things that we don’t think have a voice. It is easy to assume animals don’t have thoughts or feelings if we don’t understand their way of communicating. However, if more people were open to understanding that animals have just as much of a place on Earth as we do, the world would be a much different place.

In your experience, what are some of the key benefits that your services provide to your clients?

For people, the incredible relief they can get from letting go of past pain is never short of amazing. I had a client say early on, that, “A one-hour reading is like ten years of therapy!” If someone is willing, we can get right down to the issues that seem to follow them around their entire life. Sometimes that means connecting with a parent or family member to explain why things happened the way they did or reuniting with a passed pet that was their loyal companion.

Another benefit is hearing when things will turn around in their life. With COVID-19, so many people have lost their jobs, or are dealing with isolation and loneliness. To give someone a timeframe of when there will be change, or what they can do to start the shift, can make a huge impact in their daily life.

With lost pets, people feel so out of control. Usually by the time people consult with me, they have turned over every stone and looked in every bush. It’s such a powerless feeling. The first thing I always do is confirm with the animal if it is still alive. Regardless of the answer, the relief on the owner’s face is palpable. If the pet is no longer living, it gives the owner’s permission to let go a bit from searching. If the pet is alive, we develop a plan of what they can do to get pet home- whether it’s new places to search or trying new ways to get them home.

Yet another benefit is when people come to me feeling lost and looking for direction. It’s wonderful to see their eyes light up when I suggest something they have only dreamed of or challenge them to look in a totally different direction.

Working with pets is just as fulfilling. Most of my pet readings are filled with lots of laughter, because you never know what the animal is going to communicate. I had one dog blame its sibling dog for eating their dog food. I had a cat named Cleo speak from beyond to tell her owner it was okay to let the other cats use her food dish. A bearded dragon named Nala, who had recently passed, comforted her owner and affirmed the owner had done all she could to help.

Do you believe that more people are becoming less skeptical and more open to the possibilities that services like yours can provide?

I always say, “Faith is believing the impossible is possible.” I think if someone is skeptical to begin with, it takes an incredible event to change their mind. Lost dogs who are found can bring about that faith, but even then, it can be hard to justify it to anything more than a coincidence. The wonderful thing about how connected we are in the world is that I am able to work with people all over the globe. This makes it easier for someone that is in a less accepting environment to find someone that can honor their search for answers. I have had the privilege and honor to work with people as far away as Oman and Singapore, because of this.

If someone feels like they might be clairvoyant, how would you recommend they go about developing their abilities?

I have free videos on my Instagram page ( that give you suggestions that you can work on every day. It starts with trusting your instincts and following your intuition. My videos (reels) help you distinguish between your anxiety and your intuition, when to follow your gut versus when you might hold back, and how to call upon your guides for help. Working with another intuitive like myself is also a great step you can take, as they can affirm your own abilities and give you specific suggestions on how you can grow.

While being clairvoyant has allowed you to help many people, are there any unique challenges that come with it?

Being public with my abilities in order to help people has come with its own unique challenges. I am a sensitive person by nature, and it can be hard when I am accused of lying to people. I also accused of being a grifter, that I am doing this only for the money. I get a lot of quotes from the Old Testament thrown at me. I also have members of my extended family that are convinced I am an, “abomination” so it definitely has caused a lot of growing pains. The first year I was open with my website it was especially hard. There will always be critics that feel I am doing this for the wrong reasons. I tend to threaten some basic core beliefs in religion.

It is also hard when I meet someone for the first time. I never know how they are going to react when I tell them what I do for a living. My five-year-old-son recently told his whole class on Zoom that his mom, “talked to animals” not understanding that not everyone is as tolerant or shares the belief that we do. I think that is the hardest part (when it affects my children.) My kids are so proud of me, they don’t understand why people can be so cruel to their mom.

What is something commonly misunderstood about being a psychic medium/clairvoyant, and animal intuitive?

There is a big assumption that I am an enigma, and this is all I do. I try hard through social media to dispel the whole, “crystal ball” and “robe” idea. I am married to an active duty U.S. Navy sailor, I dance with my kids, I like to work out, I have bad days. I’m not sensing ALL of the time. I tell people, “I’m normal except for my dance moves. I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld” which pretty much sums me up.

What do you do to try to reach people that might not be able to afford your services?

I have a weekly podcast on Friday nights through my social media channels where I offer free psychic questions from the audience called, “Live Psychic Readings with Nancy”  ( /

I only have two rules: 1) You can ask about passed loved ones (because people that are passed over love to chat and I won’t be able to get them to stop with “one” question) and 2) I can’t answer questions about lost pets because of the amount of information I will receive. This allows everyone to get questions in. During the show I have a COVID-19 segment where I update my audience on what I sense for the virus, as well as a “Self-care Saturday starts on Friday” segment where we talk about what we can do to take care of ourselves while we our isolated. People listen from all over the world. The best part is, because it’s available on over 25 podcast services, you can catch up with the weeks you’ve missed. It’s a great show with a wonderful energy, and I have a lot of fun doing it.

Is there anything about your clairvoyance you wish you could change?

I wish it was clearer at times, or more exact. For instance, with a lost pet I may hear the word, “fort” but I don’t know if that’s the street name, the house looks like a fort, or it’s an actual fort. I had one missing dog that I saw a bunch of vines around. Fifteen minutes later the dog was found on “Vine St” so words can be hard to interpret. It can also be frustrating when I can’t get a clear answer. Sometimes I’ll get a “yes/no” and I’m not sure why. Sometimes the universe/God says no- and I’ve learned to respect when that happens.

What is your overall goal with bringing your psychic medium abilities into the public eye?

As a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator, I love helping clients every day connect with loved ones that have passed on and help their animals live fuller lives. I believe that both science and spirituality can co-exist. It is my goal to fund scientific research to understand how those with intuitive abilities use their brain differently. By understanding how clairvoyants use their brains in different ways, we can further help understand how the brain works and how we can help others.

What do you hope to achieve with your abilities?

I really want to continue the message that we all have the ability to be in touch with the world around us.  The ability to communicate with animals, people that have passed on, and the future, is not frightening. I don’t have a “superpower” per-say, I’ve just learned how to unlock a part of my brain. By bringing a message of faith over fear, perhaps we can let go of some of our own prejudices- not just with people, but animals as well. It is important that we lead with love as often as possible. If more people were open to the messages from beyond and around us, the world would be a very different place.

Thank you Nancy for your time!
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