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Musician & Beatboxing Sensation Romain Ferri’s Inspirational Journey

To live, survive, and experience the world to its fullest, you need to invest in your passion with all your heart. Many make the mistake of choosing a path in life that neither challenges nor excites them. But there are always those who do not give in to societal expectations. They choose career paths that make them want to live each day—this drive and passion results in countless achievements. 

One of these fearless, passionate, and hardworking artists is Romain Ferri. He moved to Denver, Colorado, at the age of 6. He was born in Rome before his family eventually relocated. Romain was raised by highly educated parents. His father was an accountant, and his mother pursued medicine. Being raised by such individuals puts the bar high for a young child as well.

Growing up, he participated in almost every academic and extracurricular activity. This helped him become sharp, sensible, and active from a very young age. When Romain was 12, he joined a band started by a group of his friends. It was a teenage boy band with 2 vocalists and 3 instrumentalists. Romain joined them as a beatboxer. His band members were impressed with his beatboxing skills and thought he added great value to their band.

They did exceptionally well throughout their school days. However, things changed when one of their friends uploaded a video of their performance to YouTube. In 24 to 30 hours, the video received thousands of likes and shares. Many believed that Romain’s beatboxing added a wonderful touch to their music. It is safe to say that this video was a turning point for them all. 

A few years later, each band member was awarded a fully-funded scholarship to join the University of Southern California and study music. Romain was thrilled, but his parents were not in favor of sending him to music school. They thought he had more academic potential and that he could do better. But Romain knew that music and beatboxing were where his passion lay.

He tried to convince his parents, but they were not pleased with his decision. But since Romain knew where his heart lay, he moved on to achieve his musical dreams. Right after moving, he began his YouTube channel and created more beatboxing videos. He gained more than a million subscribers in the span of just 1 year. He has already been offered many gigs with renowned labels, but he’s chosen to launch himself as an indie artist after completing his education.

Romain believes that following the path he wanted has only brought him inner peace and made him happier. He wakes up every day to create better beats and loves what he studies. He aspires to become better at what he does and thinks there is a lot still to learn. Romain’s parents have begun to understand his choice in life and appreciate his decision.

Passionate young musicians like Romain are an inspiration for many because they choose never to give up no matter how hard the situation becomes. Romain Ferri is only meant for greatness and success.