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Music Producer Atul Kishan Sharma Wins More Hearts with the New Song “I Love You”

Atul Kishan Sharma is one of the most trending sensations in the music industry. The music producer of “Do Ghoont” and “Aukaat Mein” songs has become the throbbing heartbeat of millions of listeners. The genx can completely relate to the songs of the young master, and they have given him the support for making new and heartfelt songs.

DJs, musicians, and artists have played “Do Ghoont” and “Aukaat Mein” songs produced by Atul Kishan Sharma at various junctions.  Since launch, “Do Ghoont” and “Aukaat Mein” songs have inspired 5.7 lakh and 2.6 lakh viewers across the nation. Driven with inspiration, the music producer recently launched another track, “I Love You.”

The newly launched songs have established Atul Kishan Sharma as one of the youngest entrepreneurs, businessmen, and celebrities. However, this has not distracted the young man from producing more foot-tapping and energetic songs. The songs deliver motivation, happiness, and positivity, especially among the unclear youth of India.

Unlike people that launch their career through television shows, Atul began his journey through personal efforts and inspired millions across the globe to do the same. The music producer has endured fame as part of the pathway and helps others through projects and record labels. Before becoming a rising star of the music industry, Atul underwent training under a guru.

His three hits, “Do Ghoont,” “Aukaat Mein,” and “I Love You,” have gathered eyeballs of other artists. They have been pursuing him to become a part of their projects or record labels, and Atul wholeheartedly accepts most of them. So, people waiting for the next hit won’t have to wait long, and Atul’s perseverance will make him a phenomenon in a short time. Recently, Atul worked with Karan Shembi, Parmish Verma, Half Engineer, Jatin Sharma, and Pradeep Khera.

Atul is also the CEO and founder of Kishan Events, and the event organizing company has launched artists like Akki Kalyan, Shiva Pandit, Sumit Goswami, YC Gujjar, and Pranjal Dahiya. Atul’s brother, a partner of the company, has always shown support for him and is one of the reasons for all artists’ success. The latest song, “I Love You,” also derives inspiration from the previous songs and his wife, Riya.

As a family-oriented and romantic person, Atul is bound to understand music lovers’ true feelings and desires. He doesn’t want to become a sensation but would instead prefer to stay in the hearts of millions with dedication and hardwork. Therefore, Atul has given the prime years to guitar lessons, singing, and obtaining artistic values. The latest song, “I Love You,” results from all that has perspired for him throughout these years.

Like Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood celebrity, says, “If you desire something from the heart … then the whole universe will work towards getting you that.” These lines have become true for Atul Kishan Sharma, and he intends to make the dream true for others.