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Mortgage Professionals Swarm Zale Mortgage

This year saw Zale Mortgage release Lending Authority™, a profit-generating system for mortgage professionals (loan officers, lenders and of course brokers). Since its launch, Zale has mortgage professionals swarming their calendar for a call with the agency’s client success manager. Everyone is scrambling for a run-through of the system to see how it could make generating high-quality appointments for refi & purchase loans simpler. And It’s worth noting they determine high quality by your standards. This means that you get to set your own qualification benchmarks, something I’ve never really seen, so brownie points to Zale over other generic agencies.

Zale delivers users 3 to over 5 loan deals to your pipeline monthly, that’s guaranteed. If they don’t deliver, you get your money back + $1,500 cash, yes, your money back with an additional $1,500 as almost an apology, but looking at their success stories this doesn’t appear to happen that often. Their team of 30 achieve these results and can put their money on the line with confidence because of their innovative In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™ (IPL Technology). This trademarked technology scans and latches onto motivated customers that are actively looking at your competitors or for a local officer, lender or broker. Zale Mortgage promises qualified leads based on credit, budget & timeframe, yet best of all, you determine the benchmarks of a quality lead, so you’re dealing with only the highest quality of prospects. This naturally gives you full confidence that when a notification goes off you’re likely to pocket dollars that day (when a lead meets the match users get pinged on their phone to dial and close).

Now, they find and latch on to these customers through good ol’ advertising across all major platforms worth signing praises of your services on – Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Linkedin. Basically places where all the eyes and attention are these days. Zale has become famous for their own “viral ads” and with them being a premier marketing partner of Google, a Facebook marketing partner, Linkedin pro finder and of course, a BBB accredited company, your ads are likely in safe hands. At least, there’s no reason to doubt they wouldn’t be, and in any case, they have that whopping guarantee.

Leads are latched onto on a daily basis according to Zale, so your pockets never run dry. This is followed by authority positioning. Simplified, this means that they follow the latched-on prospect around and position you as the go-to “celebrity” mortgage professional until they decide to talk terms with you. This is done through their pre-eminent customer relationship manager (CRM) that allows for laser-accurate tracking and follow-up until the prospect closes. No leads go unseen, no leads seen go unclosed.

Third,  Zale’s system qualifies the prospect based on credentials discussed and your benchmarks. It then follows up with them and sets an appointment for the user (you) when the leads are ready to begin the closing process. The icing on the cake of this done for you system? Zale Mortgage continues to position you in front of the client during the sales process to keep you at top of mind. This builds trust using your current listings, testimonials, client results, press releases, guides & other valuable content, enabling you to secure the deal.

All of this sounds like a dream, and initially, people did have their doubts. But at the level Zale is operating across their branches and systems with over 1,100 users, these doubts soon fade for users. To add on, they get an endless amount of positive reviews for their BBB accredited business, and are partners of all the major social platforms for advertising. With the whopping guarantee backed up by a contract, it may sound like a dream. But it’s as real as it gets when you’re looking for an agency to pretty much run your business for you (or at least the lead generation side). Are there flaws? You’ll most probably find some. But will they matter when you’re pulling in 3-5 loans per month guaranteed?

I doubt it.

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