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Mohammed Berrada discusses the car rental industry in Morocco

Mohammed Berrada is the founder of Bourhim Car, a rental agency in Marrakech, Morocco. Bourhim Car specialises in providing cars to tourists who want to drive around the country, and also offers private driver services.

Mohammed, how did you get involved in the car rental industry?

To be honest with you I just like cars, and I think this was the primary reason that lead me to start a car rental agency in Marrakech.

Do you only provide rental cars in Marrakech, or do you operate elsewhere in Morocco as well?

In addition to Bourhim Car, my rental car agency provides private excursions around Morocco.

Do tourists need to do anything special to be able to drive in Morocco?

To rent a car with Bourhim Car Agency is just like 123 – you just log in to our website, choose your vehicle, the period you want to rent it and the location where you want to receive your car and let the rental car agency take care of the rest!

Can people who rent your cars hire a driver as well?

Yes, as an extra our clients can hire a driver.

What do your customers need to know about driving in Morocco?

Just drive as you do in your country because traffic laws are similar all over the world.

What kind of cars do you offer?

We have a huge range, for example you can rent a Dacia Sandero or Peugeot 208 which are city cars if you will be only in visiting big cities in Morocco, or you can get a four wheel drive.