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How Entrepreneur Mohamed Najib aka MoBigLove Became Miami’s Most Loved Electronics Engineer

Mohamed Najib  is the owner of BasmaTech LLC that many celebrities, influencers, and Miami locals know well. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Mohamed Najib has had a passion for helping others his whole life. 12 years ago, the self-made entrepreneur made the move to Miami Beach and soon set up his very own shop called 1 Phone Repair & Electronics.

The store quickly gained a positive reputation due to Mohamed Najib’s friendly personality and positive attitude. He started from humble beginnings and ended up inspiring a lot of people in the process. Known by friends and locals as MoBigLove, the business continues to grow and became known as the best electronics store in Miami beach and beyond.

Whether you need to acquire any kind of electronics device, you can find it with MoBigLove. They sell all kind of electronics from iPhone, iPad, MacBook and more… All limited and special edition electronics can be found at the store. When an electronic device breaks it can be devastating for the owner. Whether it is an iPhone, laptop, tablet, or other device, everybody relies on these in their day to day lives.

Having a phone and electronics certified technician that can be trusted to deliver the best service is essential. MoBigLove utilizes his love for helping people paired with his skill in dealing with a range of repairs to create an approachable and effective repair business. He has worked hard to achieve this success and, through this success, has befriended a range of notable figures.

Mohamed Najib with booba France Raper
Mohamed Najib with Booba France Rapper

Some of MoBigLove’s most famous friends and clients include rapper Tyga, French rapper Booba, Puff Daddy King Combs, Amber Rose, DDG and many more celebrities. MoBigLove’s infectious personality has meant that he has become good friends with each of his clients and that they continue to return to him whenever they have issues with their phones or other electronic devices.

Mohamed Najib tyga American Rapper
Mohamed Najib with Tyga American Rapper

Electronics are not the only thing that Mohamed Najib has an interest in. He also has a passion for fashion and will be opening a designer clothing store in Miami very shortly.

The continued hard work and success of Mohamed Najib is all thanks to his dedication to helping others. He continues to prove that selflessness and a positive attitude are the keys to building a renowned business.

Mohamed Najib aka Mobiglove
Mohamed Najib with Amber Rose