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MMIG: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Entertainment and Media Content

Recognizing and celebrating cultural diversity is crucial to creating a harmonious society where everyone feels valued and respected. This is precisely what Marketing & Media International Group Inc. aims to achieve through its subsidiaries, Edgy TV, Edgy Mag, Mama Benz Mag, and Mama Benz TV. Founded by entrepreneur Edwige Dazogbo, the company promotes multiculturalism through entertainment, bridging the gap between cultures with the beauty of diversity. 

Marketing & Media International Group Inc. (MMIG) is a Canadian company that aims to promote multiculturalism through entertainment, bridging the gap between cultures with the beauty of diversity. Edwige founded the company, which focuses on empowering women with ethnic backgrounds and promoting positive images of cultural communities.

Edwige is a woman with a vision. She has over 16 years of experience in project management, sales, marketing, fashion, and business administration. Her passion for celebrating differences and promoting cultural communities led her to create her dream company, which has since flourished into a successful international business.

Edgy TV, a subsidiary of Marketing & Media International Group Inc., is a unique digital TV channel that aims to bring different cultures together by celebrating diversity through fashion and music videos. In today’s world, where there is so much division and conflict, Edgy TV stands out as a platform that highlights the beauty of different cultures and traditions. The channel’s programming is specifically tailored to immigrants, who often feel underrepresented in mainstream media.

Edgy TV showcases fashion and music from different parts of the world, promoting a sense of unity and understanding among its viewers. The channel is available on satellite and cable, making it easily accessible to a wide audience. Edgy TV is a true reflection of the company’s mission to promote multiculturalism and bridge the gap between cultures through entertainment.

Edgy Mag is not just a publication about fashion and glamour but a celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. The magazine explores the different facets of professional women’s lifestyles aged between 20 to 55 years old in major cities worldwide. By featuring women from different cultural backgrounds, Edgy Mag enriches our lives with the blending of fashion and different cultures. 

Available on the App Store and Google Play, the magazine aims to promote integration and help immigrants adjust to their new environment by showcasing how they can be successful while maintaining their cultural heritage. Through its articles and stories, Edgy Mag also aims to inspire communities to come together and celebrate diversity through the lens of fashion.

Mama Benz is an important branch of Marketing & Media International Group Inc. (MMIG), as it promotes artistic movements and cultural projects that target and uplift black and Afro women. The Mama Benz brand has two main components, the first of which is a paid print magazine and apps that are available at the App Store and Google Play. This publication on ZINIO provides a platform for black and Afro women to express their creativity and share their unique perspectives. 

The second component of Mama Benz is Mama Benz TV, which is a digital TV channel that showcases the achievements and culture of black and Afro women. Mama Benz TV features a range of content, including interviews with successful black and Afro women, documentaries, and cultural programs, all aimed at celebrating the beauty and diversity of black and Afro culture. Through these two platforms, Mama Benz aims to empower and promote black and Afro women in all areas of life, from the arts to business and beyond.

MMIG and its subsidiaries aim to promote diversity and inclusion, empowering women with ethnic backgrounds and cultural communities through entertainment and media content. With Edwige’s strong leadership, MMIG has proven to be a result-getter, sales, and marketing-oriented company that inspires trust and encourages positive change. For more information, visit