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Mindful living: the 4 ideal times to meditate in a day

Our modern lives tend to be fast-paced and stressful as we juggle our work, social and personal lives. With that being said, it’s important to find the time for self-care in between hectic schedules. One such way is through meditation which has numerous benefits on the mind and body. Meditation has particularly good benefits for stress management. Not only that, but it can also help you achieve enhanced concentration, improved sleeping patterns and even lower blood pressure.

The ideal time to practice meditation can vary between one person to another. After all, we all have varying schedules and needs. But, if you’re new to meditating we have some recommendations for you to start with.

Mindful living: the 4 ideal times to meditate in a day
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If you want to practice meditation daily, first thing in the morning is best for you. This is because your morning routine is what sets the tone for your entire day. Starting your day in a calm and quiet manner gives you the peace of mind you will need to take on your daily tasks. After that, you can head out ready to face the world.

Meditation for stress management should be done whenever stressors are present in your environment. And you don’t have to sit down on the floor for it. Mini-meditations throughout the day for just a few minutes is all you’ll need. Anytime you feel overwhelmed with workloads or feeling anxious about something take the time to breathe.

Mindful living: the 4 ideal times to meditate in a day
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Take a meditation break during midday to de-stress after half a day of work before heading for lunch. After all, that still counts for hours in front of the computer, on the go or sitting at a desk in school. This also helps your body relax tight muscles that could cause body pain. It also gives you a mental boost to take on the next half of your day.

End your workday with a breather. This is a great way to draw the line between your work and your personal life. Work-life balance should be a priority and this natural boundary is a great routine to start with. This will help you limit the stresses of work so you don’t bring it at home or elsewhere and miss out on life.