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Mind-body solution with Dr. Tevin Naidu – South Africa’s number 1 mental health podcast

Introducing South Africa’s number one mental health podcast: Mind-Body Solution with Dr. Tevin Naidu. In mid February, Dr. Tevin Naidu launched his new mental health podcast – Mind-Body Solution. The podcast has been received by South African listeners with open arms! Within Dr. Naidu’s first month he was able to gain thousands of downloads with the podcast continuing to grow with time. His ability to simplify complex medical jargon seems to be one of the contributing factors to his success. Not to mention his brilliant communication skills that was already a valuable asset to South African television screens many years ago!

Tevin Naidu

Dr. Tevin Naidu was a television presenter in South Africa for almost a decade, having hosted some of SA’s most popular Asian lifestyle television shows – Eastern Mosaic (SABC 2) and Mela (SABC 3). He is a household name in South Africa yet many viewers fail to realise that he also holds a Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MB,ChB) and is currently completing a Master’s degree in the Philosophy and Ethics Mental Health.

The majority of his viewers may see him as “Tevin Naidu” but to his patients, and to his new online niche, he is “Dr. Naidu”. With his new podcast Mind-Body Solution, Dr. Tevin Naidu is able to pursue both his passions (the mind and media). His ability to balance podcasting amid his already busy medical career is very commendable.

When asked about why he returned to the public sphere, Dr. Naidu had this to say: “I’m here to educate. I’m very passionate about public mental health. My aim is to provide publicly accessible mental health education that is simplified, evidence-based and up-to-date. Because education empowers and prevention is greater than intervention.”  Dr. Naidu’s diverse career allows for him to make a topic that is relatively ignored in mainstream media to enter the conversation as the big player topic. He is able to shed light into the topics we should all be discussing in 2021. If we have anything to be thankful for, the lockdown can be thanked for giving Dr. Naidu the idea to start this podcast.

“The international lockdowns during covid made it clear to me that public health is a must. I needed a way to communicate with my patients without seeing them in person and a podcast is a great way to teach them without consulting them. I believe that human beings are better able to venture into society once they have the adequate knowledge and skills that allow them to thrive rather than survive. That’s what Mind-Body Solution is for!”

Dr Tevin Naidu

Join Dr. Naidu every Monday for solutions to everyday mind-body problems! Dr. Naidu’s podcast is available on all streaming platforms. For more information, visit or follow @drtevinnaidu on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.