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3+ million followers later – how Instagrammer Cole Morgan did it

Cole Morgan is just 20 years old, yet he has built an Instagram empire, spanning across several viral Instagram pages. How did he do it? Well, we’re going to share Cole’s secret for what it took to go from zero to hero right here.

Starting Out on Instagram

Cole was only 14 when he started on Instagram. This was around the same time that he created a clothing company during his freshman year of high school. He saw the tremendous opportunities on the platform, even back then. This is due to him always having an entrepreneurial spirit within him. He began making and sharing hilarious memes that helped him gain over 40,000 followers in that first year. Also, in the first four months of running his @sluringz account, Cole made $30,000, which was an eye-popping amount of money for him at the time.

At 18, he started making viral videos, featuring himself. One video he made became incredibly popular. It was a video of him dancing behind two girls who were fighting. His first truly viral video happened that same year, which led to a whole new arena of viral success on Instagram beyond funny meme images.

Cole managed several Instagram meme pages over the years. It was a momentous occasion when he had gained the first 150,000 followers on his main @sluringz Instagram page. Today, that page now boasts having over half a million followers.

Part of what helped propel him to make the major moves of starting up his own clothing company and becoming so successful on Instagram was due to tragedy that befell him in those days. His grandfather had passed away when he was 14, while his mom passed when he was a sophomore in high school. His grandfather had also recently passed away. This trilogy of tragedy has not weakened Cole, but instead made him stronger, especially his resolve to succeed in life. He is looking to prove to himself and the world that he has what it takes to create a life for himself after losing three of the people he held close to his life.

Once Cole turned 20, he saw the first article written about him. That was quite the accomplishment for him as well, given how few 20-year-olds get written up about for their achievements.

Cole’s Secret

Cole’s secret to Instagram success relies on five key things:

  • Networking with people in his niche
  • Becoming a trailblazer instead of a copycat
  • Believing in his ability to be successful
  • Sharing content he loves and is passionate about
  • Identifying money-making opportunities

Today, he preaches about these being essential to anyone’s explosive success on Instagram. It’s something he follows to this day, and has tremendous success while doing so.

Cole is always looking to help other brands and influencers increase their reach and grow their audience. If you are someone who needs help getting traction in the increasingly crowded Instagram field, then reach out to Cole on his Instagram page here.