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Miles Prime accepts the new and younger hip-hop artists

“The stone that the builders refused has become the cornerstone.” This is a common saying we hear, and today I want to tell you how it holds true for the music industry. The music industry has many, many genres. However, decades ago, when hip-hop set in the market, many people did not like it because of the freedom and rebellion that stems from its origin.

As already mentioned, most people’s thoughts of hip-hop was a class of music that encourages freedom and a rebellious spirit. When we look back on those years, a lot has changed. For instance, hip-hop has become the musical genre that most Americans listen to now. It’s become the true political voice of an artist. What does this mean? It implies that when the musicians think of something that can address and represent their voices, hip-hop becomes just that. This shows how much the hip-hop generation as a whole is quite significant in the market.

Miles Prime is one of the people who appreciates the revolution that has taken place and is currently taking place in the industry. What’s more fascinating is that the music industry’s metamorphosis, particularly the growth and development of hip-hop, is highly in fact due to the newer and younger generation.  As an artist himself, Prime does his best to keep the support going strong.

Reflecting back onto the beginning of hip-hop music, we see a rambunctious spirit that demands and works for natural expression. More than thirty years since the start of hip-hop, we still find many people who view the new hip-hop artists with a lot of criticism, and for the few who show embrace, the expectations they have towards them are quite overrated. You see, all they want to hear is a lyrical artist, nothing less. While this is an optimistic view, it locks out those who are just starting out and may not have that strong lyrical and talented influence, or those just trying to experiment with sounds. Miles Prime stands out different and supports every brand of hip-hop all the same.

Perhaps you are wondering why Miles Prime is proving to be a different kettle of fish altogether. While it’s hard to have a view that differs from the majority, Miles Prime is now sure that the stone that the builders ignored (hip-hop) has certainly become the chief cornerstone. The famous Harvard lecturers, Kennedy Centers directors, and even the Pulitzer winners are all contending with hip-hop. Hip-hop influencers are shaping digital trends and setting new precedents in mainstream art and fashion every day. We are seeing a comprehensive culmination of hip-hop’s next frontier.

Although many people have negative criticism towards them, this generation is undergoing real metamorphosis, making it a great field for Prime and the other heavy weights in rap culture