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On-Brand: Presenceology Founder Mila Yoli’s New “Stand Out Offer” Program Helps Entrepreneurs Craft and Sell Unique Magnetic Offers

Presenceology Founder and CEO Mila Yoli is on a mission. She hopes to change the face of branding and to offer entrepreneurs the chance to create authentic and compelling value-centric brands.

Yoli has been assisting entrepreneurs in creating professional brands that help them exude their full potential as experts in their fields.

But Yoli wasn’t satisfied with helping only the entrepreneurs who found her, felt confident enough to approach her, or could afford her services. She wanted to do more. That’s why she is launching her first online course, a psychology-rooted coaching/reinvention program Your Stand Out Offer.

Yoli has already assisted dozens of clients to unlock the potential of their brands, find their personal ‘wow’ factor, and build a presence and business that aligns with their true selves and values.

“I created this online course for people craving a chance to reinvent themselves in a meaningful way, people that want to make an impact but aren’t sure how to start, and people with unique gifts that want to attract their dream clients,” Mila explained.

The Need for True Brand Strategy

This founder is passionate about brand strategy branding. The former therapist has translated much of her psychology background into brand and image strategy with a basis in the psychology of persuasion and driven by data.

Presenceology makes the brand strategy process intimate and personal, delving deep into your story to uncover your core values, brand essence, desired image, and strategies to let the world see the real you.We implement  our unique process using a therapeutic approach to help you uncover who you are — and who you will become. We’ll supply all the tools you need to attract your dream clients, be viewed as an industry expert, and develop an online and offline brand that deeply resonates with you and your target audience,” Yoli said.

Who the Course is For

Yoli calls the course “for anyone tired, unfulfilled, and looking for a change.” It’s beneficial for people moving from the corporate sphere to becoming solopreneurs that hope to better society and make a real contribution. For many of her clients, their journeys aren’t about making money but making a difference.

Students will come away from the course with a clear picture of their journey toward entrepreneurship and be better able to transition into the business world as the face of their brand. The program takes the guesswork out of designing, validating and testing their first offer while teaching the foundational framework to stand out as experts and creating the impact they desire.

The course employs a signature process that uses skills to reveal what makes each person/entrepreneur special, unique, and appealing to the world. Your Standout Offer is designed to quickly, efficiently and effectively get new entrepreneurs out of the gate.

About the Founder

Yoli trained as a therapist and initially found her career thrilling, but soon suffered from burnout, guilt, and devastation when her excitement levels didn’t remain in the ‘honeymoon phase.’ But she still loved to help people.

She had noticed that image kept many professionals around her — especially women — from advancing. “But,” she said, “You can be a walking billboard for yourself to help others gravitate towards you.”

She had always considered reinvention an integral part of her character. With an African dad and a Cuban mother who were both entrepreneurs and picked up and moved to a new country mid-career, she had a live blueprint for resilience and success in front of her.

So she decided to make reinvention her career focus. She learned about image consulting, attended finishing school, studied brand strategy, and filled her toolbox with the skills to help entrepreneurs become accurate representations of themselves.

Mila’s Method

Yoli’s signature process melds aspects of coaching with the science of presence. She forgoes traditionally rigid coaching methods in favor of more creative exercises to create their presence.

Clients go through an assessment period in which Yoli learns about them, and then, together, they build the brand around their personality. The process offers many options and flexibility to be altered to meet the needs of a spectrum of clients. She empowers each with the knowledge and data to help them embrace the world with their newly defined founder-centric brand.

Yoli is passionate about supporting her fellow entrepreneurs. She promises results that make clients radiate toward you, partners engage with you and — most importantly — help you feel great about yourself and your brand.

About Mila Yoli

Mila Yoli, CEO and Founder of Presenceology, has helped entrepreneurs reinvent themselves by utilizing her extensive psychology expertise. A former therapist, Yoli helps business leaders find their unique presence and offers that make them stand out as more than just another voice in the crowd with her signature program, “Stand Out Brand”. To learn more and discover the science behind Presenceology, visit