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Photo: Mike Evans, CEO at USPA International

Michael Evans, CEO at USPA International Speaks How to Make Money in the Security Industry

Michael Evans is CEO at USPA International. This security guard company is the corporate chieftain of an evolving business ecosystem, comprised of several subsidiaries, delivering personal security, anti-kidnapping, human trafficking assistance, safe rooms, security technology and general security services in 14 countries since 2005.

Michael answered some questions about his business:

What differentiates USPA from other security firms?

Relationships. Many years ago, I discovered that my most fulfilling endeavours, garnered little to no profit, yet made me feel like I was contributing to the industry on one hand, and enriching lives on the other; the lives of my employees and contractors, by keeping them employed, and my clients, by providing safety and security.

When I stopped asking, “What’s in it for Mike Evans?” I soon realized that making money should never be the focus of a long-term business. I never found a way to be passionate about making money.

What got me out of bed, day after day, to put in thousands of man hours building this brand, was the feedback I got from people I protected and testimonials from business owners who found my story, my books and advice to be the motivation they needed as some point.

If you’re not focused on making money, then how do you stay in business?

That’s a question of chess versus checkers. The checker players of the world will never outlast the chess strategists. Quick money and disconnection from the consequences of your lack of emotion for your clients and business partners will lead you to the business graveyard. My main focus is people, relationships and helping others. Money is the side effect. The lucrative contracts and business deals come with that. I truly believe that people have a hard time grasping this concept, and that is why they fail.

Think about any business that has been around for decades and ask yourself how they were able to stay around for all of those years. Their leaders stayed motivated by their passion for their work, their contribution to society and success is the side effect. It can’t just be, “I want to make money.” It has got to be more than that.

Earlier, you mentioned relationships as something that sets USPA apart from other security firms. Can you elaborate?

About 13 years ago, I began writing books and consulting with people to help them build their security companies. Most people didn’t understand why I was willing to help others become my competition.

I knew that building relationships with hundreds of small business owners in my own industry, would someday create what it has; the largest network of private security businesses in the world. The USPA Private Security Network is made up of hundreds of small security firms, many of which I helped build from the ground up with Blueline Capital.

Here we are in 2019, and I not only have some of the largest companies utilizing our services to help fulfil their security needs, but they are also working to fulfil mine as my contractor, and trademark licensee.

What is the difference between your contractor program and your licensee program?

Our contractor program is a large network of security companies, security contractors and private investigative firms, as well as kidnap prevention specialists, operating all over the world, as a subcontractor of USPA. The trademark licensee program differentiates itself, by being the administrator, contractor and facilitator of security contracts in their area(s). In other words, they are the parent company in their geographical areas of operation.

They have the ability to use our brand, utilize our network of certified contractors and partner with us for national and international assignments that they may not have had the requisite experience to even be considered for in the first place.

What future developments do you have in mind for USPA?

USPA has spent a considerable amount of time, energy and money on creating our replacement – mobile applications (apps). We have developed and are launching the next generation of security services, which operates along the same lines as Uber.

People will be able to hire guards, worldwide from this app, and have access to security professionals who are pre-screened and ready to work and be on site within minutes, for pennies on the dollar for what they are paying guard companies. Look for that app this spring.

What is the most important trait you look for when selecting who you will partner with?

I always look to surround myself with people who are contributing to society. I’m not necessarily talking about people who only give money. I’m also not only referring to wealthy people who, “give back.” I’m talking about people who are dealing with difficulties in their own life and still lend a helping hand to others.

Les Brown, arguably the most influential public speaker of all time, said that he was living in his office, bathing in the office restroom and behind on all of his bills, yet he was appearing in public, telling people to live their dreams. I think people will discover, if they do that, at some point, they’ll take their own advice.

Thank you Michael for your time in answering our questions!
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