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Michael Drager – The Successful Founder of Draco Enterprises

Here’s introducing Michael Drager, a.k.a. Draco, a rising prominent social media mogul, talent manager, entrepreneur, and future household name. Along with that, he is introducing Draco Enterprises, Drager’s startup company and passion project, which currently boasts some of the hottest rising modelling talents in the industry. Michael is an entrepreneur, talent manager and social media influencer from Chicago.

 Draco is confident about his work and he is very well known on social media like Instagram. With more than 1 lakh followers, he started from scratch. Though it did not show successful results immediately it was a wise step since he has a lot of followers on Instagram now. When his reputation started to build, he felt more confident in himself and decided to start his own production firm, ‘Draco Enterprises’.

In a short span of time, Draco Enterprises’ leading model @trippie_bri has reached the top 0.03% as a creator on OnlyFans and generates a 6-figure monthly income, along with her fitness model with Instagram page @bubble.gum.bri which gathers millions of impressions weekly. Drager has certain qualities that he has recognised in himself which he is using as his strength. He has extremely sharp management and marketing skills, he also inculcates a keen eye for trends, and his passion for creating an engaging and memorable brand has much to do with the notable success of his (extremely young) corporation and its models. 

He was born and raised in Chicago. He was not new to this industry, thereby his first exposure to the world of adult entertainment was through his grandfather’s business, an upscale gentlemen’s club located in Chicago that saw many years of success before his passing. Seeing that he was ardent to create his own legacy in the adult industry.

His recently published adult entertainment site will bring a new spin to the classic way of enjoying the work of the adult industry. In the works is his very own production company, with the promise of premium filming locations and studios and a well-balanced team to keep perspectives fresh and diversified. His vision for the production company will lead to the creation of the finest quality content for viewers to enjoy. 

As a starter, Drager is already taking the initial steps in expanding his brand by branching out into several other forms of media and entertainment, with some more mainstream work that will be public soon. Follow him on Instagram to take a sneak peek into this entrepreneur’s personal life:


You can also check out Michael Drager on his website to get the latest updates: