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The 5 Methods To Discover Chinese Motorcycle Parts Wholesaler

As of the end of 2020, the major motorcycle producers in the world, have produced and sold more than 49 million units of motorcycles. Among them, China’s production and sales volume was 17 million, accounting for this kind of proportion, China took more than 34% of the total. It once again surpassed India and became the world’s largest country in motorcycle production, since being overtaken by India in 2016.

The past year, China has exported 9,694,300 units motorcycle to all around the world, the main markets of China motorcycle exporting are concentrated in: Southeast Asia and West Asia , Africa, Latin America, and in a small number of them to European and North American markets. Sales Volume in these regions have been more than 90% of China’s total motorcycle exports.

The huge production capacity has also spawned a huge demand for motorcycle parts in the aftermarket. At the same time, the whole world sees the quality of Chinese motorcycle parts has also made a much great progress compared with it in the past years., moreover most of China’s motorcycle parts wholesaler have built their own brands, and also be glad to providing OEM Services on motorcycle parts for overseas Customers in the mean time.

Thus, in this case,as an overseas buyer, how to match a suitable Chinese motorcycle parts supplier in a effective and low-costed way? Which comes to a problem must be solved.

First of all, an excellent third-party motorcycle parts trader will make your overseas procurement front-end work more efficiently. Of course, this requires you to have a friend who does business with China in motorcycle parts. His recommendation will be of great reference value for your future business choice!

If, unfortunately, you don’t have such kind of relationship network resources in this field. Secondly, you could be able to log on to several well-known B2B portals in China, such as: Alibaba International, Made in China, Global Sources, etc., click on the dedicated industry product web pages of these well-known websites, and directly screen for motorcycle parts wholesaler there. And start to make your inquiries and offers immediately.

Thirdly, which covers a larger population than B2B websites.are several well-known SNS websites, such as: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Many foreign trade salesmen and bosses of Chinese motorcycle parts wholesaler have register a account of their own. And from there to communicate for their prospective customers, also going with product information and advertisements are released Inevitably in these kinds of exchange groups . You can search for these groups by keywords and join them, a wonderful journey going for start for you , to discovering Chinese motorcycle parts wholesaler at once!

The fourth method, is also being the most used way by Chinese motorcycle parts wholesaler:

Searching engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Here, let’s talk about Google alone. As the largest searching engine on the earth, it owned a global search market share of 92.86%, and most company information will be included by it. Therefore, it is not difficult for your to find any suitable motorcycle parts wholesaler  in China, especially those Chinese motorcycle parts wholesaler who have put Google ads and made network ranking optimization by SEO, therefor they are more likely to be searched by you.

For example, when you type motorcycle parts supplier in the searching bar of Google , there are so many such kinds of similar company websites are provided in front of you, and then you will get their contact information through the websites of these companies, and then start the inquiry.

Meanwhile, you can also get the most searched keywords through Google trends and Google adwords, if you could find any suitable keyword.

motorcycle parts wholesaler

Searching for Chinese motorcycle parts wholesaler on Google, the general form of keyword searching combination is: motorcycle parts+exporters/company/wholesaler/vendor/mailbox suffix/company suffix, etc. And please be sure to keep the China company option definitely in the advanced settings of your searching on Google.

The fifth way is to participate in professional exhibitions, including: Italy Milan Motorcycle Expo (EICMA), American International Motorcycle Show (AIMExpo), Salao Duas Roads (Two Wheels Trade Show, Brazil ), and Japan Motor Expo (Tokyo Motorcycle Show) and so on , at these professional exhibitions that represent the highest level of the industry and the strength of the regional motorcycle industry, The exhibitors from China are increasing day by day, and you may find future partners from they. After all, these Chinese companies that can participate in overseas exhibitions must be leaders in the industry in China.

Regarding China’s domestic motorcycle and motorcycle parts related exhibitions, The second to none is China import and export fair (The Canton Fair) held twice a year in spring and autumn, the first in April and November for the second each year.

About the professional exhibitions in the business of motorcycle parts is the “China International Motorcycle Exhibition” (CIMAMotor) held in Chongqing each year, which is a professional motorcycle parts exhibition preferred In terms of industry influence, and you also could choose the “National Motorcycle and Motorcycle parts Exhibition Fair” to participate according to the city of your friends and wholesaler located in .Which is held in China’s major motorcycle production provinces every year. There are many Chinese motorcycle parts wholesaler and OEM  motorcycle parts service providers waiting for you there, who can become your business partners!

By the way, I would like to introduce to you in detailed about several well-known professional trading markets for motorcycle parts in China, They are basically in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. They are: Baiyun motorcycle parts market, Zhonghua motorcycle parts trading city, and Songnan motorcycle parts market, the rest one is Waitan motorcycle parts trading market, which located in Caiyuanba, Yuzhong district,Chongqing city your travelling guide will tell you about them,and local taxi driver will take you to get there!

Finally, I wish you will be available soon to find a suitable motorcycle parts supplier partner in China, according to the one of the five methods I told you in this paper, see you next time!

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