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MetaMonkeys Is a New NFT With Real-Life Utility

If you are like most people, anything that promises an extra source of income must excite you. You would appreciate it even more if it could help you leave a boring 9–5 job to pursue your purpose. While that might sound like a grand and unattainable dream to some, we have witnessed many people making it through unconventional methods.

If financial experts are to be believed, such methods, like cryptocurrency and NFTs, are the future. With projects like MetaMonkeys coming up daily, there is no reason you can’t retire early and spend the rest of your life doing what you love too. That’s why Jacob Canales and Anthony Del Rio, the project’s co-founders, came up with it.

Besides earning money from NFT trading, the duo has taken the MetaMonkeys project utility outside the metaverse. The MetaMonkeys NFT project is one of the few of its kind to allow holders access to in-person events. MetaMonkeys NFT holders will also attend exclusive live “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Anthony and Jacob.

Jacob will teach people about scaling a business using Facebook ads, and Anthony will guide them through how to quit their 9–5 and create an income through e-commerce. Additionally, the duo will also host high-level entrepreneurs from diverse fields to share their expertise with MetaMonkeys NFT holders. Most importantly, the MetaMonkeys project holders will join a thriving community of like-minded people with financial freedom as their primary goal.

For both Jacob and Anthony, the road towards financial freedom started early. For instance, in Jacob’s case, he began hustling as a kid. He says instead of going out on weekends and partying with his peers, he would go around and mow lawns and wash cars. By 16, he had saved enough money to start his first Shopify dropshipping business, which rapidly scaled to 7 figures.

Over the years, Jacob has become a formidable e-commerce specialist and marketing expert who has helped sell out many crypto and NFT projects. As an ad expert, he has also spent over 7-figures advertising with Facebook ads and averages a return on ad spend of 6 for all of his clients.

Anthony’s story is quite similar. In his case, though, he’d dropped out of school and started working two jobs to support himself before he started his e-commerce journey. However, within three months of starting, he turned the situation around and grew two wildly successful companies. Today, he is enjoying a life many can only dream of.

Now, Anthony and Jacob are bringing their experiences together to create a project that will impact thousands of lives. Besides helping people earn an extra income, they believe their project will also help them grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.

 The duo’s dream is to make the MetaMonkeys project an educational platform where every holder can learn anything from Amazon, Shopify, Facebook ads, crypto, and real estate to mindset and fitness. In short, they welcome everyone who wants to grow in life to be part of their community.

The MetaMonkeys project will only grow with time. In the coming days, the founders plan to throw events around the world that will bring its community together. They will also visit many schools to spread wisdom to all the lost students who are about to sign their lives away to college, even though that’s not what they want to do. As they prove, there are lots of ways you can find success that school doesn’t teach you.