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Meet the ‘Heroes of Light:’ Dr. Joel Gould’s Animated Characters Battling for Your Health

Dr. Joel Gould is building what he calls the next Pokémon, something that Walt Disney himself would have created if he was alive.  

“For me, the focus is as an entertainment paradigm,” he said. “Animated cartoon characters sing and dance and they’re performing in the metaverse. They do every single thing that every other cartoon character does, except they’re already global celebrities, and much more interesting. 

“When you understand who they are, you’re going to take away scientific knowledge without even studying. And the deeper you go, the more depth and connections to reality you’re gonna see.” 

The Pokémon and Walt Disney angles are just two strands of the virtual franchise that Dr. Joel Gould is building for the metaverse. The animated cartoon characters are Dr. Gould’s “Heroes of Light,” and they are an outgrowth of his larger initiative, called Modern Hunters and Gatherers. 

With the “Heroes of Light” endeavor, Dr. Gould is encouraging good health for children and teens ages 4-14. He feels, however, that people of all ages will enjoy this new cast of biological characters, especially these days, where there is a new emphasis on natural and organic health.

The means for discussing the science behind good health is entertainment—including music, live performances, vinyl stickers, video games and animation. 

The “Heroes of Light” are animated cartoon characters who “are battling for your health right now,” according to They include clever characters named Marty Mitochondria and Polly Polymerase, as well as heroes named for the elements, including Sulfur and Magnesium.

You can preview character performances and see origin story videos on

“Our goal is to educate followers on making good choices about health and wellness—but in an entertaining way,” Dr. Gould said. 

“Our primary goal is to encourage healthy habits that can prevent pediatric sleep apnea, which is often mistaken for ADD. Our secondary goal is to foster health, wellness and a return to natural organic solutions for health.”

Plenty can be learned from The website also features books and merchandise for sale, while diving deep into Dr. Gould’s strategy for strong physical and mental health. 

“Humans evolved to be hunter-gatherers, living in tune with Mother Nature, and their natural ecosystem,” Dr. Gould writes on “Modern humans have become disconnected from their natural habitat and evolutionary origins, and are suffering separation anxiety.” 

He continued, “In today’s hectic modern world, we live a very different life than our ancestors did. Understanding our evolutionary origins allows us to give our environmentally-sensitive bodies the right information for health.”

Dr. Gould concluded his writing by saying, “When we understand how our biology truly works, we can live in the modern world, and add back in the missing elements of life that were instrumental in our evolution, and organic health. If we follow Mother Nature’s rules, we can all thrive, and become Modern Hunter Gatherers.”

Dr. Gould is beyond confident that his Modern Hunter Gatherers program and the “Heroes of Light”—all driven by Web3 technology—will achieve success. 

“This is going to be the hottest thing in the metaverse,” he said. “This is what people have been looking for.”

Dr. Gould added, “There are a ton of amazing high-tech platforms out there to grow the metaverse, but so little interesting content. My goal is to have a safe metaverse space where parents can reasonably trust that their children will not be exposed to inappropriate material; and the web3 content is engaging, informative and educational without being preachy.”

Dr. Gould was inspired to launch “Heroes of Light” by his 21-year-old nephew. 

After years of following other cartoon franchises, including Pokémon and Marvel, Dr. Gould’s nephew said he didn’t take away anything valuable from his hours engaged in online play and digital media.

“Kids are starving for information,” said Dr. Gould, who launched his career in pediatric dentistry. “They love to memorize anything, and become digital experts with whatever interests them. When they learn the rules of my breakout video game, ‘Deuterium Depletion,’ they will unknowingly be learning how our mitochondria produce energy.

“Education aside, the bottom line is that these characters are engaging, have surprising depth, they sing, dance, and enjoy their superstar celebrity status in our bodies.”

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