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Meet Suzanne Soliman, the woman who has revolutionized pharmacy for women:

Suzanne Soliman is the Chief Academic Officer for the ACMA (Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs). It is a business whose goal is to set a benchmark for Excellency through Pharma companies’ certification based on their team’s interaction with Healthcare Providers.  She considers herself extremely lucky to get an opportunity to influence countless people over 75 countries who work in the field of Life Science and Healthcare. Recently, she also started collaborating with different medical organizations to upgrade their recruitment system and include more women in the process.

Dr Soliman is also a full-time wife and mother. She has five children- one girl and four boys. Her husband is a CEO and thus their lifestyle is very busy. She has always been an excellent student throughout her life. She scored A always and even topped during graduation. She loved her time at school immensely. She received her PharmD from the University of Illinois, Chicago College of Pharmacy (UIC-COP). She also pursued and completed a residency in Primary care, with special importance on education from the Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy. Besides this, she did a teaching fellowship at UIC College of Medicine. 

However, her time in Pharmacy School was one of the most difficult times in her life. She added to it, “During pharmacy school, I lost my grandfather, grandmother and my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a very difficult year for me. But what kept me going was that I knew higher education would help me.” Thus, this proves that even during such dire times, she did not deflect from her goal in order to help herself and her family. She says that her greatest source of inspiration has always been her family, her parents in particular. They always supported her throughout her education. They never put any pressure on her and wanted her to do it on her own accord. “My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer while I was in pharmacy school and watching him die taught me how short life is and how to make the best of it. He pushed hard to live for his family but ultimately the disease killed him. He taught me perseverance no matter what challenge you face”, said she. The emotional turmoil taught her a lot of life lessons.

Dr Suzanne Soliman has a strong social media presence with over 17.4k followers on Instagram. To know more about her journey and accomplishments, follow her on the social media profiles listed below: