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Meet Pypr, the Tax Filing Service for Millennials

The universal truth is that filing tax returns is mandatory and that millennials are finding it increasingly challenging. With the advent of digital and technical space, millennials have discovered various ways to earn money but unfortunately, there aren’t many reliable ways to help them manage their finances and tax payments. This is where Pypr has stepped in to close the gap. 

Pypr is the first digital financial platform for millennials to find their first accountant. Creators, artists, and people in other fields find it difficult to manage their income. They are not exactly sure about how to file taxes on time to avoid costly penalties. Paige, the founder of Pypr went through a similar situation while working in the nightlife industry. She struggled to find an accountant who could help her manage her taxes without judging or questioning her career choices.

She realized that many millenials who have a thriving career in the digital world, be it in the adult industry or on social media like YouTube or TikTok, are struggling to file their taxes. Traditional accountants may not be able to help millennials who earn money online file their taxes properly and without judgment. And most importantly, the charges of professional accountants can make a large dent in the pocket. 

To address all these issues and help millennials find a reliable platform to seek tax and financial help, Pypr was started a month ago. It is a digital platform that is offering friendly, judgment-free tax services to anyone who needs to bring their finances on track. Earning should be a source of pride and it is never too late to get your finances in order. This is where accountants play a crucial role. Pypr is that trustworthy accountant to millenials. 

Transparency, inclusivity, autonomy, and trust are the four foundation pillars for Pypr. This is where the platform has been successful in convincing the youth about the importance of financial management in the early phase of their career. Tax payments may be painful due to the complex process of filing returns.

Taxes are mandatory and need to be paid every year. So it is better to file on time to avoid late payment charges. People can save a lot of money in taxes through professional guidance. Pypr stands out from other financial service providers in terms of the specialized experience and expertise that its partners provide users. Pypr understands your goals and your career. It helps you create the perfect roadmap to keep your finances on track. 

Currently, Pypr is operating in North America only. Going forward, the online financial platform will be accessible to every millennial across Europe and Asia.