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Meet Mykel Darrough, the man, and the mind behind some of the most talked-about innovations in the sports world.

He talks about the challenges he faced on his journey and his brand True Grand Sports.

A lot has already been spoken about how a few individuals have attained massively in their respective industries and sectors around the world. Still, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius and, most importantly, spread more motivation and inspiration among others to take giant leaps in their chosen careers and niches. Mykel Darrough, well-recognized as a global entrepreneur, owner, investor, and an innovator in the business world, says that in the end, one should be driven by a certain purpose in life, which should keep professionals motivated enough to exceed their limits and turn their ideas and dreams into a beautiful reality.

Mykel Darrough is known for his corporate partnerships and his one-of-a-kind sports organization named True Grand Sports, which has consistently grown as a global sports distribution company based in the US. He has risen to the top as a high-performing African American who, at the age of 27, had even become the youngest such entrepreneur to own a sports franchise in basketball, Vehicle City Royals. Initially, his brand was a partnering company to Cedar Rapids River Kings, a team in the IFL. Today, True Grand Sports has become a huge brand, with Mykel Darrough’s new sports franchise in the Middle East in MMA named Truly Grand Fighting Championship. This man also served on Marion Iowa’s Racial equity board and, in 2021, launched his first shoe brand globally called TropicMoon1s.

Speaking about the challenges he faced on his path, Mykel Darrough says one of the biggest among them was to create a successful sports organization in a market that was believed to be the worst destination, yet they went on to sell out all their home games that year in Flint Michigan. Even amidst so many other challenges, Mykel Darrough has now maximized the opportunities of new technologies in the sports industry like the metaverse, taking True Grand Sports to higher success levels like never before.

He wants to create as many opportunities as possible by creating new ways to monetize in the sports space for creating newer opportunities for the athletes. No wonder Mykel Darrough (@trulygrand_myke) is known as one of the finest innovators of today’s time in the vast entrepreneurial world.