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Meet Michael Koch: The Tech Guru Helping Brands Adapt to AI

The digital space is evolving rapidly, with new technologies coming up every day. The present migration from Web2 to Web3 is one of the most significant innovations. Many new developments from blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital production, and SaaS are practical examples of Web3-enhanced technologies. Tech entrepreneur Michael Koch is one of the individuals at the center of these developments.  

Michael is a successful tech developer and pioneer of transformative artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital production, and Saas industries. Born tech savvy, Michael is passionate about using AI and big data to solve business problems for clients while making companies smarter and more comfortable with innovative technology.

“I never set out to establish a career in which I was the most well-known. I set out to do the work and be the best. Those two paths have completely different energies and daily tasks required to achieve them. Over the course of my entrepreneurial career, I have focused on technology, people, and company culture,” Michael explains.

Michael is also the founder and CEO of HubKonnect, a leading tech company. Hubkonnect offers numerous services, including the power of local data, intelligent technology, data-driven tactics, business metrics, smart assets, execution roadmaps, and fully integrated LSM ecosystems, among many others. Essentially, Hubkonncet helps restaurants incorporate AI and big data into their daily operations and marketing. This experience has helped him establish a thriving multi-million dollar company while working with top franchise restaurant brands across the U.S. 

Aside from applying his expertise in the restaurant industry, Michael also plays the role of chairman at QSR AI Research Lab, a top tech facility in the country. His expertise is anchored in developing new ventures, high-performance AI technology, and teams that can grow rapidly, effectively, and globally. 

Over the past ten years, Michael has quietly guided world-class brands’ digital transitions by creating innovative SaaS, artificial intelligence technologies, and worldwide digital production. Even though he has constructed data-driven technological systems and built teams for multiple multi-billion dollar global firms, it’s unbelievable that only a small number of top executives from major brands are aware of his name and influence.

“To me, it has never been about fame or accolades—or rubbing elbows. It’s never been about people knowing who I am. I’m all about the purity of technology. You don’t hire my company because you like me…you hire me because I am the best at what I do,” says Michael.

But despite his success, Michael always ensures he maintains a start-up mentality despite his level of success. The objective is to ensure he achieves this while retaining the brand’s ethos and culture. “I am always focused on pushing the limits of innovation and having success fuel our growth while building a culture that loves the grind,” Michael adds.

In 2022, Michael was recognized with the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Machine Learning by the Business Intelligence Group, a highly deserved award for his industry contribution.

Moving forward, Michael envisions himself successfully running a series of billion-dollar technology companies in Web 4.0 and artificial intelligence. The goal is to remain innovative and a tech pioneer for any potential technology that can better our way of life.

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