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Leading Students into the Future and Helping Them Find Success: Meet Dr. Kent Ingle

Since 2011, Dr. Kent Ingle has been best known by thousands of students, faculty, and academic staff for his role as President of Southeastern University. He’s also a well-known inspirational author, podcast host, blogger, and visionary.

But those close to Dr. Ingle personally know his legacy began many years ago in his role as a sports broadcaster in Southern California.

Dr. Ingle served as a television sports anchor for NBC and CBS for many years. In this role, he interviewed many notable athletes, like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Pete Rose, and Carl Lewis.

While Dr. Ingle may have appeared to be living the dream life during his television career, he would be the first to tell you that all was not as it appeared. He knew he was designed for something bigger than television, and in 1992, he decided to answer the call to ministry.

Dr. Ingle has held senior pastor and leadership positions at several churches. In 2005, he became the Dean of the College of Ministry at Northwest University, preparing him for his transition to President of Southeastern University in 2011.

Dr. Ingle describes serving as President of Southeastern University as one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. Under his leadership, the university has expanded to teaching over 10,000 students yearly — 3,000 in person and 7,000 online or enrolled in one of the university’s 200 partner campuses.

Since Dr. Ingle began as president, Southeastern University has been spotlighted as one of the fastest-growing private non-profit institutions in the U.S. After experiencing a 240% growth in enrollment, the university ranked fourth among all master’s level colleges on the Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) list. Much of this success was due to Dr. Ingle’s educational leadership.

“We want to continue to reimagine traditional education,” said Dr. Ingle. “We want to help students enter the workforce faster while attending college that is also less expensive. Our goal is for students to be debt-free upon graduation and landing a job post-college.”

Dr. Ingle describes SEU as a “place like no other,” and he’s passionate about helping students succeed. He believes that SEU offers students an opportunity to carve out their destinies and participate in God’s plan for their lives. He’s also proud of the over 100 undergraduate and master’s programs the university offers — along with its stellar football team.

But Dr. Ingle’s passion for helping people achieve success also extends outside of his academic role. He’s dedicated to unlocking the God-given potential inside every person through his role as an inspirational author and speaker.

Dr. Ingle spent many years discovering his divine design. He transitioned from television to church leadership and onto academic leadership in search of the destiny God created for him. As President of Southeastern University, Dr. Ingle knows he’s in the exact role God planned for him, and he strives to help others figure out their divine designs as well.

Through his leadership framework, Dr. Ingle has helped build many successful organizations and lives. His goal is to share this framework with others, help them discover their passions, and guide them toward success.

“Framework Leadership,” Dr. Ingle’s podcast, is currently in its fifth season. The university president has also authored four books: “The Modern Guide to College,” “Framework Leadership,” “9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership,” and “This Adventure Called Life.”

On “Framework Leadership,” Dr. Ingle shares insights from the world’s most innovative leaders about what it takes to lead thriving teams. He’s previously interviewed big names like Sadie Robertson Huff and Joe Champion about topics ranging from empowering the next generation to confronting compromise.

Through his Framework blog, Dr. Ingle posts weekly inspiration and tools readers can use to transform their visions into reality. He provides insight into various topics, such as responding to criticism, managing finances, and creating a healthy team environment.

Dr. Ingle’s wisdom also appears in publications like Newsmax and Influence Magazine. Recent articles cover topics like “We Obsess Over Student Debt, What We Need is Affordable Education,” and “Helping Young Adults Navigate Diversity.”

Today, Dr. Ingle devotes most of his time to being President of Southeastern University and running his weekly blog and podcast. He’s also a frequent guest on Fox & Friends, CNN, and other networks, where he shares thought leadership insights from a Christian worldview.

Dr. Kent Ingle knows the disappointment that can come from living an unsatisfied, unfulfilled life. Across his various roles, he has helped thousands of people discover their potential and live out their God-given designs. And he doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

About Dr. Kent Ingle

Dr. Kent Ingle is the President of Southeastern University, public speaker and recognized thought leader. Ingle is passionate about creating lasting change in higher education and setting up organizations for success. He is the author of The Modern Guide to College and host of the popular Framework Leadership podcast. For more information about Dr. Kent Ingle, please visit