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Meet Blueberry: Pioneering Founders Disrupt Traditional Banking with Unprecedented Yield Opportunities

Traditional banking has long been synonymous with low interest rates, limited flexibility, and often frustratingly complex processes. However, a new banking era is dawning, driven by the power of decentralized finance (DeFi). At the forefront of this revolution is Blueberry, a platform founded by visionary entrepreneurs who are rewriting the rules of banking. With a commitment to yield optimization, risk management, and financial inclusivity, Blueberry is transforming the financial landscape.

In a world where traditional banks offer paltry interest rates and stringent policies, Blueberry emerges as a beacon of change. Slater Heil and Jonathan Thomas, co-founders of Blueberry, met through their shared interests in the crypto space. Their entrepreneurial drive and distinct skill sets laid the foundation for a unique partnership. With experience running a DeFi fund, Slater joined forces with Jonathan, who brought extensive crypto and blockchain expertise. Their collaboration was fueled by a desire to break free from traditional financial constraints and provide the masses with unparalleled financial opportunities.

Slater Heil, CEO of Blueberry, boasts a background in running a successful startup and managing digital asset investments for high-net-worth individuals. With expertise in marketing, growth, and investor relations, Slater drives Blueberry’s expansion while ensuring user-centricity remains at the platform’s core.

Jonathan Thomas, the CTO of Blueberry, embodies a background as diverse as his expertise. From peer-to-peer trading and high-frequency trading to building DeFi solutions, Jonathan brings a multidimensional perspective to the table. His roles encompass product development, financial management, legal compliance, and risk management, ensuring that Blueberry operates with utmost integrity.

Rounding out the leadership team is  Arthur Wiseberg, Head of Business Development & growth, who joined the team to amplify its growth trajectory. With experience spanning London investment banking and leading some of the largest lending desks in crypto, Arthur brings a strategic perspective that aligns with Blueberry’s mission. His presence signifies Blueberry’s dedication to expanding its reach and making unprecedented yield opportunities accessible to an institutional audience.

At the heart of Blueberry’s innovation lies the concept of yield optimization. Unlike traditional banks that offer negligible returns on savings, Blueberry leverages DeFi mechanics to provide users with unprecedented yield opportunities. Blueberry users can lend single-sided assets through a decentralized lending market to earn high yields. Additionally, the platform’s leverage option allows users to magnify their earnings by borrowing against their collateral, a feature that has garnered attention from both retail and institutional investors. The protocol works somewhat like a prime brokerage, where a user can employ different amounts of leverage depending on the desired trade. Alongside Blueberry, the team is bringing permissionless RWA yields to the DeFi space for the first time ever with their TBY and stUSD products.

While high yield might raise concerns about risk, Blueberry has redefined risk management in the DeFi space. The platform’s sophisticated risk management system is designed to minimize exposure and protect users’ assets. The decentralized risk management approach is spearheaded by the premier DeFi risk management team, Gauntlet. Slater and Arthur’s long history in TradFi risk management is crucial to this endeavor. The system operates by collateralizing assets and utilizing leverage in a way that optimizes capital efficiency. By doing so, Blueberry mitigates risks associated with borrowing and lending, ensuring a secure environment for users to explore yield opportunities.

In a world hungry for financial alternatives, Blueberry emerges as a catalyst for change. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs with a blend of experience and expertise, Blueberry reimagines banking by offering extraordinary yields, innovative risk management, and a commitment to inclusivity. As traditional banks struggle to adapt to changing times, Blueberry stands tall as a symbol of empowerment, redefining the rules of finance and paving the way for a new era of banking. To learn more, visit

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