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Meet Augie Schmidt, the 28-Year-Old Impacting Lives Through Real Estate

Augie Schmidt is a 28-year-old commercial real estate entrepreneur from Lakeland, Florida. Initially, he was a research analyst earning $12/hr but worked his way up to becoming a nationally recognized commercial real estate agent. After massive success in the brokerage industry, Augie founded a start-up E-learning company called CRE Academy that educates and curates success in commercial real estate through information, application, and training. Although Augie is heavily focused on training individual agents and their success at the moment, he’ll soon get into training brokerage offices as a whole and then move into commercial real estate investment training later.

Augie has risen against all odds to make a name for himself in the industry today. He started out making very little money, but through perseverance and the grace of God, he is now a nationally recognized agent. Through resilience and hard work, Augie had sold approximately $100,000,000 worth of real estate before hitting 28 years old. Moreover, Augie and his CRE Academy stand out in the industry for being vibrantly active in the marketplace and precisely understanding what it takes to go from zero to $1 million in the industry today. This is unlike their competitors, who have been coaching/training for more than 10+ years and have yet to transact a deal in over a decade. 

A successful and distinguished realtor in Florida, Augie is ranked number eight out of 1,600+ advisors nationwide. Additionally, Augie’s office ranked first out of 220+ offices nationwide in 2021. To add to his varied success, Augie has transacted more than $67,000,000 in real estate in the past 12 months.

For those looking for more support with sales skills, increasing efficiency, and accountability in prospecting, they might benefit from Augie’s CRE Collective – a high performance monthly Community.

According to Augie, it took years of trial and error, thousands of phone calls, and hundreds of failures to get where he is today. “To cement his name in the industry, Augie worked as a research analyst immediately after college and only made $12/hr while trying to feed a family of 4. Afterward, he rose through the ranks of the research department and transitioned to sales,” his assistant says.

Augie regrets not having anyone to tell him how hard his journey to the top would be. Although he has climbed his way up, Augie wishes there would have been a program like the one he is creating to fast-track the market, property, and industry knowledge portion of the business. “I wish someone would have put a plan out in front of me that outlined how to do deals in this business, such as databasing, cold calling, setting meetings, networking, negotiating, closing deals, etc. I once knew nothing about this, but now I’ve become an expert,” asserts Augie.

In a few years, Augie sees himself rapidly growing CRE Academy, from curating success for agents to brokerage offices and then into investments. He anticipates much of his business’s capital will be deployed into commercial real estate investments and development. Augie also aspires to have a massive impact on people as he believes he has a contrary view of success and material things compared to many people in the real estate industry. “I am very involved in my church, community, and foster care programs for teen boys, and I am passionate about helping the less fortunate,” Augie concludes.