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MBD Financials Launches AI Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace, Bridging the Gap between Digital and Real-World Assets

The MBD Financials team likes to think big.

“MBD Financials,” according to a description from Co-Founder May Mahboob, “is a decentralized, photorealistic, blockchain-powered metaverse business district that empowers individuals to create their own financial ecosystem.”


“The Metaverse Business District (MBD) is revolutionizing the digital world with its groundbreaking, all-in-one platform that makes it easy for everyone to transition from the traditional web2 to the cutting-edge web3 space,” May said. “MBD is delivering a user-friendly experience that is comparable to the most widely used solutions—including Amazon, Etsy, Upwork, Venmo, and Zelle. MBD Financials is making the adoption of this new technology accessible to everyone.”

MBD Financials users can engage in a variety of financial transactions and activities through a range of technology, from VR headsets to the ubiquitous, easily-accessible smartphone. Driving the innovation at MBD Financials is its first deliverable—a first-of-its-kind AI Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace. The Marketplace offers a one-stop solution for buying, selling, trading and auctioning products; services; NFTs; and digital twins. 

As part of this first-to-market technology, MBD Financials has created a virtual AI assistant called Hey May, similar to chatGPT. There will also be an AI NFT generator, so businesses looking to offer their products and services can create digital twins of their products; curate their materials; and launch it all within the MBD Financials platform. 

“The Cross-Chain AI NFT Marketplace bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds through the power of NFTs,” May said. “With cutting edge AI technology, including a Cross-Chained NFT Platform, AI Chat Virtual Assistant and Digital AI Image Creator Marketplace, MBD Financials is revolutionizing the way we interact with digital assets.”

Powered by the momentum generated by its Cross-Chain AI NFT Marketplace, MBD Financials has set out to accomplish a bold objective—to harness the power of the digital age to tackle the root causes of poverty and lack of opportunity, including: 

  • Lack of access to education.
  • Limited opportunities to earn a livelihood.
  • Unequal pay.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Scarcity of resources. 

“I am confident,” May said, “that MBD Financials will help create a more equitable and prosperous world where everyone has the chance to succeed and reach their full potential.

“The Metaverse Business District enables and empowers every individual with the opportunity to own and control their financial freedom through an entirely new digital cross-chain metaverse experience,” May said. “The MBD provides an opportunity for every individual, as well as communities, businesses and charitable organizations, to thrive in a decentralized world where equitable services are readily available.”

According to Bloomberg, the global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024, a more than 50 percent increase from $500 billion in 2020. MBD Financials has raised $10 million from LDA Capital. Now, the company is raising Seed Round Soft Cap $10 million and Hardcap $11 million. The MBD Financials platform leverages such cutting-edge technologies as Blockchain, web3 and digital currency to provide access to resources and opportunities previously out of reach. MBD Financials is bridging the gap between digital and real-world assets, and in the process is creating a more inclusive and equitable financial system.

In addition to the AI Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace, the MBD roadmap includes decentralized services and deliverables such as: 

  • Fiat and Crypto Financial Investment Opportunities.
  • A Digital Real Estate Exchange.
  • Globalized Educational Services.
  • Digitized asset insurance.
  • Health and Wellness opportunities.
  • An Entrepreneurial Marketplace.
  • Advertising.
  • Financial Services.
  • Multimedia entertainment, including gaming.

“The digital economy and freedom of choice held within the Metaverse Business District delegates control of opportunity to the individual,” May said. “This approach enables equality and access to all, regardless of race, identity, wealth, political views, religion or background to benefit and flourish in a web3 world full of hope, prosperity and opportunity.”

As a native of Bangladesh and U.S. citizen, May is driven by a deep passion for promoting equality and working to open up accessibility to education, with an emphasis on developing communities globally. 

“Growing up, working closely with individuals and organizations throughout Southeast Asia and Africa, I saw firsthand the devastating effects of poverty and lack of opportunity,” May said. “Despite their immense potential and hard work, residents of these regions were trapped in cycles of inherited poverty, with no means of breaking free. This inspired me to take action and make a difference that would empower individuals and communities to take control of their financial futures.”

May views herself as a “Determined Metaverse Warrior.”

And, she continued, “With my business partner, a talented creator and technology expert, I am a market validator, alliance builder, and partnership maker, working tirelessly to bring our vision to life and make a meaningful difference in the world.”

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