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Matteo Belcastro combines YouTube and Hip-Hop

YouTube is the most popular video hosting site, with over 2.3 billion users around the world. Considering this figure, it is obvious what a powerful social media platform YouTube is. Since YouTube is based on hosting video content, it has become an excellent launching pad for aspiring musicians. Matteo Belcastro is one such musician who has shaped his hip-hop career with YouTube.

According to Belcastro, YouTube offers everything a budding musician needs to reach a wider audience. Since pandemic restrictions have resulted in a ban on live performances, Belcastro has moved to social media platforms to generate revenue. He feels that musicians can easily use YouTube as their main source of revenue if they can make use of the following tricks.

Here’s how Matteo Belcastro has used YouTube to promote his music

Make playlists with your music: YouTube has a smart algorithm that can positively or negatively affect how content is presented to its users. For instance, YouTube automatically suggests to the user what to watch next based on the user’s search history and other content they have been watching. However, this can lead users to watch videos from other content creators. Playlists can help musicians keep their audience watching their content alone. Once the user clicks on a playlist, YouTube will only play videos from that specific playlist.

Connect with your audience: It’s important for every content creator to maintain a strong connection between themselves and their audience. This is why YouTube has introduced a personal chat option in addition to having a regular comments section. Now musicians can personally answer questions from their followers.

Use metadata more effectively: Metadata is defined as “data that provides information about other data”. In terms of video content, metadata can include video descriptions, tags, titles, and the video thumbnail. Belcastro suggests being more straightforward rather than creative with this metadata. This will help the YouTube algorithm display this content to users who will be more likely to enjoy it.

Add links in descriptions: YouTube allows musicians and other content creators to add relevant links to other social media accounts, personal websites, or other videos within the description of a video. This gives their followers the opportunity to connect with them on even more levels.

Create some interest: Belcastro believes in the importance of keeping his audience interested in his activities at all times. This is usually done by releasing a small clip of an upcoming song as a hint to what the audience can expect next. This creates more interest among his audience.

Look for collaborations: This is a proven method that budding musicians can use to gain more listeners. Usually, a collaboration video is made by a popular musician and an up-and-coming musician.

As a popular social media platform, YouTube is host to a wide variety of trends that are in constant flux. Matteo Belcastro believes in going with the flow, and frequently changes the type of content he posts based on what is currently popular. This helps him consistently engage with his audience.

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