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“Mastering the Digital Domain: The Rise of Kieran O’Brien and His Ventures”

Embarking upon his special entrepreneurial journey, Kieran diligently worked hard and honed his overall skills and expertise to become a master of the digital marketing domain. His first venture “GearedSocial” helped those in the automotive industry build brands through digital advertising and social media and also scaled the 6-figure mark in no time. This also gave Kieran the opportunity to work with some of the biggest influencers and brands in the automotive industry and further widespread his reach and experience.

Kieran’s second venture named ShopAccelerator, was created to help automotive shops streamline their online marketing efforts. After barely 10 months in operation, Kieran took the company from $0 to $1M ARR. This showcases not just his expertise in digital marketing, but also his business acumen and ability to scale a company quickly.

But Kieran is not one to rest on his laurels, he is always looking for the next big opportunity. That’s why he co-founded, an integrated firm that helps influencers, bloggers, and musicians. The idea for the company was hatched when around 5 years ago, a major influencer and friend of Kieran’s asked for his help with assembling a media kit. The kit would act as a digital resume of sorts that would showcase the influencer’s online portfolio. When Kieran took on the job, he encountered many difficulties trying to locate an off-the-shelf application that would help. As he worked on the project, the idea of building an app that would help any influencer, artist, or blogger build their own media kit began to form. In 2020, Kieran and his two co-founders started work on what is now It is a SaaS (software as a service) company that helps influencers and other creative people create their electronic press kits. The online application launched early this year, and after only a few months in the market, Kieran raised $1M+ in venture capital from notable angel investors. allows users to create their kits using real-time data at an incredible cost.

Kieran’s story is one of relentless drive and determination. He is not content to rest on his past successes, but is always looking for the next big opportunity. He is a true visionary in the digital marketing space, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. His companies have had a major impact on the automotive industry, and now with, he is looking to do the same in the influencer and creative space.

The sky truly is the limit for Kieran O’Brien and we can’t wait to see what he will achieve next. For more information, do follow him on Instagram @kieranobrien.