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Mark Rollag talks about the advantages of business process outsourcing

Mark Rollag works at xDirect, a business process outsourcing service provider in Omaha, in Nebraska in the United States. The company specialises in providing local businesses with outsourced call centre services, as well as consulting and cloud services.

Mark, how did you get involved with xDirect?

The call center industry started in Omaha in the Mid 1980’s due to 180,000 Watts (800) lines being installed into 1 zip code as a part of an upgrade to StratCom (the Strategic Air Command).

Starting in 1992 I sold IT technology to most of the new call centers.  In 1996 I went to work for a Top 10 Call Center Outsourcer and in 1998 for a smaller company out of Portland Oregon as EVP of Sales.  I brought on Clients like CapitalOne and FirstUSA the company later sold and is not a part of Xerox.

After Y2k I was part of a startup bring silo’d information systems together.  (early API technology)  in January 2001 I formed xtDirect LLC to solve a need for nearshore call centers and was the first company to bring CapitalOne to Jamaica and launch a call center boom in Jamaica and later the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.  Now adding home agents and rural USA call centers to the mix.

Can you outline some of the benefits of call center outsourcing?

For our clients the number one thing is technology advancements and flexibility.  Our IT systems and processes are very flexible.   We have clients that once a year will add 300 agents for 2 months and then go back to normal.  That is flexibility.

Any Agent Anywhere.  We can have one call go to our system and be transferred any where in the world for either language specific help or Subject Matter Expert support.

Cross Client and Industry expertise.  This allows clients to present challenges to us that we are able to solve because chances are we have seen the same situation with a different client or industry over the years we have been in business.

What does your call centre service involve?

Inbound Customer Service and sales.  Inbound web chat.  Customized video Kiosks and Agent Support

What is QA outsourcing, and how does it help a business?

We can provide QA services for our clients internal call center.  Allowing a 3rd party to review, score and report internal agent quality.

What is cloud call centre technology?

We have built a very robust Cloud Based call center platform.  We allow customers to use the same technology we have built on a hosted basis.  Not only that but we provide the management expertise to bring that technology to the best use with our clients having to learn very specific technologies.

What services would you recommend to a new business in Omaha?

Hosted call center and outsourcing call center customer service agents to xtDirect.

Thank you Mark for sharing your thoughts!
You can follow up with Mark Rollag at

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