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Manuel Suarez, the mastermind behind growing marketing agency Attention Grabbing Media

While many people believe that success is just about hard work, Manuel Suarez believes otherwise.

“Success comes with education and perseverance,” said the founder of full-service marketing agency Attention Grabbing Media. “Hard work is an important part of that recipe, but it’s nothing without the knowledge and desire to point your mind and efforts in the right direction.”

AGM helps businesses worldwide grow their online presence through a variety of services, including SEO optimization and email marketing. Suarez has been nicknamed the “Facebook ninja” for his expertise using social media platforms like Facebook to help drive organic followers to his clients while still maintaining consistency with brand strategy and content creation.

“Once we began to really excel at our proven strategies that helped our clients grow by leaps and bounds, I wanted to do more,” Suarez said. “I wanted to give back at least a fraction of the mentorship and cheerleading that others have given me. Thankfully, I created AGM to provide me platform I needed to do just that.”

Suarez began crafting and offering courses that cater to specific niches and individual needs and that empower business owners and entrepreneurs to generate leads and market themselves. He also spends time speaking at events across the world, sharing some of his expertise with attendees looking for advice and guidance.

“I didn’t get where I am on my own, and I always try to honor that,” he said. “I’m glad to have this platform to make a difference.”

So while hard work isn’t everything, Suarez added, it definitely has its benefits – and those benefits are ones he’s proud to pass on.

“I’m a firm believer that literally anything can be achieved with knowledge, hard work and determination,” he said. “I’ve always pushed myself to achieve excellence, and I want to empower other people to do the same. As long as I’m serving my clients and the community around me, I know I’m doing everything right.”