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Manpreet Kohli and his motivation for co-founding Saitama Inu

Every business is started with a goal in mind; profit, training or assisting others, providing a solution, and so on. Isn’t it? Or have you seen an aimless business find success? Of course not, and therefore, we were extremely keen to know why Manpreet Kohli, a serious entrepreneur with an experience of over a decade, decided to invest his efforts and capital in a trade educational company. 

As we all know, Manpreet set his first foot in this entrepreneurial world in the year 2010. It was in the year 2021 when he decided to lay the stepping stone for Saitama Inu along with other partners. Before knowing why Manpreet chose this, let us first know what exactly Saitama is.

It is a platform that educates young people about investments and encourages them to develop their own wealth opportunities. Answering the aforesaid question, here’s what Manpreet said, “The demand for trading is soaring the skies and a lot of people are investing blindly, especially the youth. Without proper awareness of the field, they might suffer great losses, and therefore we started Saitama to guide and educate the youth, particularly Generation Z.” 

Saitama was launched on the Ethereum (ETH) network with the primary goal of educating the next generation of investors. Manpreet Kohli has always played a pivotal role not only in achieving the set goals of Saitama but also in making it reach as many people as possible. There is no doubt in saying that Manpreet Kohli made Saitama’s counter the most visited and liked one at Crypto Expo Dubai in March 2022. So for every investor out there who wants to become aware of investing and is willing to curate income opportunities for themselves, Saitama Inu has got your back. Manpreet Kohli is also seen in almost all of the AMA’s for Saitama and enthusiastically answers the questions raised by the WolfPacks, i.e., Saitama Army. 

Manpreet started to explore the world of crypto and blockchain in the year 2016. He has worked with different companies and on varied projects. Today, with his years of experience, Manpreet Kohli is dedicatedly diverting all his efforts and time toward making Saitama the leading name when it comes to crypto.