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Making Millions With NFTs: The Sam Satoshi Story

Sam Satoshi, if you’ve heard of NFTs chances are you’ve heard this name. Best known for his success with flipping and helping build out NFT projects, this twenty three year old digital entrepreneur is making waves in the crypto currency space. In a recent interview with Forbes he reveals his origin story and how he first got into the space in early twenty eighteen.

His first purchase was twenty crypto punks, at that point in time only worth about fifty dollars. Fast forward to today and that collection alone is estimated to be worth upwards of ten million dollars, yet the young visionary has not sold a single “punk”. He states the he believes the floor price for these crypto punks may one day rise to over ten million dollars per crypto punk!

However, he has realized some of his gains and actively trades other NFTs. His position in Bored Ape Yacht Club alone has generated him over six million dollars in profit.

While the consulting side of his work is now making him upwards of five hundred thousands dollars per month with new NFT projects flocking to get his advice for a successful launch. He agrees that the NFT space is highly inflated at the moment but does not see it slowing down within the next year.

Ultimately Sam Satoshi believes that within the next five years, NFTs will be owned by everyone and the time to get in is now!

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