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Making Dreams a Reality: The Road to Creating Life Changing Experiences

When her daughter turned 15 years old, Marcia Smith gifted her with something unique, a business. Smith set her up with an LLC, then added her daughter to five of her own credit cards and bought her a 2021 C300 Mercedes Benz, which was immediately listed on Turo, a service to rent out privately-owned vehicles. The revenue generated is used to pay for the car and invest in stocks, so to build an investment portfolio and college fund.

Taken altogether, what Smith has really done is set her daughter on the path to financial freedom.  Teaching her business entrepreneurship at an early age.

Striking a Chord

Smith posted this story on Facebook, and unsurprisingly, it resonated with people. Before she knew it, the group had more followers than she could have dreamed of acquiring. In mere weeks, she amassed over 40,000 followers. People from all over were drawn to this masterful financial decision-making of a parent ensuring their child’s future success.

People sought out Smith’s advice to similarly help their children (and often, themselves) achieve financial stability. It was a captivating story, which shed light on a means to achieving financial freedom that wasn’t just scrimping and saving. As the requests poured in, Smith happily obliged.

Sharing the Wealth

She started responding to posts with her trademark enthusiasm, sharing everything she knew about financial literacy. Drawing on her diverse knowledge and expertise in everything from credit analysis to mortgage loans and real estate, she offered her guidance. Soon, she was helping countless group members along the path to financial freedom.

What began as a simple social media post soon blossomed into a community of enquirers and contributors, seeking and assisting one another in pursuing an alternative to paycheck-to-paycheck living. Before she knew it, Smith had created something with far too much momentum to ignore.

She compiled and organized her advice into an online course, complete with weekly Q&As. From those looking to get their start in business to established business owners with concerns around the structure of their companies, people flocked to Smith’s course.

One by one, sure enough, they found precisely the guidance they needed to make their dreams become a reality.

Changing Lives

Smith is the founder and CEO of Life Changing Academy (LCA), an organization aimed at assisting individuals in pursuing financial prosperity through business ownership. She works closely with clients to help them maximize their earnings while minimizing weekly work hours.

LCA offers detailed, personalized coaching on everything from how to properly structure a business, build business credit and how to leverage to build wealth.

Smith’s approach to personal financial mentoring is equal parts inspiration and concrete results. She knows that business success can depend on mindset as much as on the capital investment.

At the same time, she doesn’t deal with fleeting inspiration without substance. Her coaching is focused on guiding individuals on the most direct path to gainful business ownership without skipping a beat.

The Personal Touch

Part of what makes the LCA (and Smith’s) approach unique is the degree of personal attention and direct communication via Zoom meetings and in the Facebook community. The coaching process employed at LCA entails so much more than just a little advice here and there — it’s an altogether transformative undertaking.

Smith and LCA offer the opportunity to properly restructure one’s life around whatever one wishes to achieve. In the process, it also helps the individual to create a Life Changing Experience by establishing dependable streams of income. Now you are able to spend time doing what you want to do and not what you have to do.

That’s how Smith is creating a life changing experience for everyone that connects with her. For that reason, she has made it her mission to help more individuals create the Life they want.

Smith also started the Home Buying Club, which offers similar counsel to prospective first-time homeowners. Putting her many years of real estate and mortgage expertise to helping more first-time home buyers to become educated and financially free homeowners.

With her personalized approach, coupled with her skillset and knowledge; Smith is once again sharing what she knows to help others realize their dreams of home ownership.

About Marcia Smith

Marcia Smith is the Founder and CEO of Life Changing Academy.  LCA is an organization that helps individuals learn how to create, build and leverage the power of a properly structured business. She has changed the lives of thousands of business owners from all over the United States. See how Marcia is changing lives at