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Make the most out of meditation with these 3 apps

Many would argue that technology could be a hindrance to mindful living. This is why some people would prefer to seek retreat from places that are far from technology’s reach. But if used wisely, tech can actually your best friend when it comes to mindfulness. With just a smartphone, enough space and some free time, you can achieve the serene environment you need for a session of meditation. Here are 5 helpful apps for you to check out:

This is probably the most popular one that’s out there with over 50 million downloads. If you haven’t downloaded it, then you’re missing out! The app helps you choose the best meditation for you whether it be for stress-reduction, keeping anxiety at bay or to break bad habits. You can even use this to lull you to sleep if you’re having trouble catching zzz’s.

If you’re looking for a quick meditation in between busy hours of the day then Headspace is perfect for you. It includes guided courses that will walk you through the practice of meditation. Through this app, you can choose from a variety of soundscapes and music that will help set up the ambiance for some peace of mind.

10% Happier
Still not convinced about how meditation can change your day-to-day life? Try 10% Happier. According to its description, it’s an app that promotes “meditation for fidgety skeptics.” It connects you with experts who can coach you on meditation if merely doing your own research isn’t enough. Try it and see for yourself!