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Maggie Jenson: Wellness Coach Addicted to Helping People Overcome Addiction

The number of people addicted to drugs, alcohol, or anything else is staggering. It’s hard to think of a time when addiction wasn’t such an epidemic. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or anything else, there is always the fear that one more taste will send you spiraling back into addiction. In today’s society, where addiction is so prevalent and substances are as accessible as ever, it can be hard to find someone who has been able to beat their addiction without medication. However, Maggie Jenson has helped many people overcome their addictions with her new approach called Progressive Wellness Coaching (PWC). PWC differs from traditional addiction recovery by focusing on finding holistic happiness rather than helping you stop drinking alcohol.

As a former victim of alcoholism, Maggie understands addiction is a tough issue. From a young age, she knew the challenges that addiction brings because she lived it herself. Maggie’s mother was an alcoholic, and despite seeing the effects of alcohol on her life, Maggie turned to the same vice after her brother committed suicide. From 13, Maggie tried unsuccessfully to change her drinking habits, but the programs she attended didn’t make that easy. Attending AA meetings only reminded her that she was suffering from a chronic illness waiting to get her if she made the slightest mistake. Consequently, Maggie lived in a perpetual state of hopelessness because she didn’t see a way out.

After 15 years of self-sabotage, Maggie knew she had to give up or sink. She started questioning everything she’d learned over the years and began paying attention to her smallest achievements. With time, she discovered she could achieve happiness without losing herself to alcohol or other substances. The key was reprogramming her habits and replacing harmful ones with positive, empowering patterns. From experience and research, Maggie knows the effect negative messaging can have on anyone struggling with addiction. She’s observed how most are programmed to root into their issues and dwell/punish themselves while fearing relapse while giving alcohol complete power. For many, the overarching desire to beat addiction may blind them to their daily achievements, compounding the shame and disappointments that plague them when they stumble.

To help them, Maggie has embarked on a journey to build a brand that focuses on the holistic growth and development of people struggling with addiction. Contrary to what many believe, Maggie says addiction is not a disease, and you don’t have to live in recovery forever. Instead, she views it as a level of consciousness or awareness that can be reprogrammed. “The way forward is NOT by creating an identity of shame, guilt, and lack-of-control, but rather an identity of empowerment, self-control, focus, and drive,” she asserts. “You can cure this behavior!”

Maggie’s mission is to completely transform addiction recovery protocol and give her clients back their power. Instead of focusing on alcohol and its effects alone, Maggie offers a holistic experience that helps them reprogram their habits to the point they can be a “normal” person again—meaning you can go from being an “addict” to being able to drink on occasion and do it in a healthy, “normal” manner. Through her Magnify Method, Maggie has helped tens of clients transform their lives and achieve successful results. Maggie’s goal is to help more people move from feeling disempowered and from a victim standpoint to achieving their desired results and confidence.

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