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Luxury real estate agent Giorgio Imparato on why connecting with clients is so important

The leader of the luxury real estate market in the Saint Tropez and the French Riviera, is undoubtedly Giorgio Imparato. The office he is leading in Saint-Tropez has steadily become the leading real estate business in the area thanks to a passionate team. With decades of experience in providing comprehensive and personable customer experiences, the business has grown to become one of the most trusted and capable when it comes to managing luxury real estate.

Hi Giorgio, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how your career in luxury real estate began?
I am Giorgio Imparato and I’m 57 years old. I have 3 children and I am French-Italian (with Napolitan -south of Italy- roots).

It has been 35 years since I began working in real estate and 25 years since I have been on the luxury market in Saint-Tropez. My career started off very randomly in 1987 when I was working with a property dealer in Paris that shared his knowledge and experience with me.

What values do you consider the most important for your work?

An excellent knowledge of the market, good reactivity, full time availability, I am always listening to Sellers and Buyers and am at their disposal. It is a real pleasure to get to meet clients. The job requires a real, strong patience that goes along with strong networking skills you build over the years.

What kind of clients could benefit from your services?

Anyone could benefit from my services, clients but also partners, other agencies, or introducers. I work with literally anyone, from a barman, the mailman or a concierge, everyone appreciates working with me as they help me in my job and I help them in theirs. Any meeting could potentially become a sale, rental or even a hiring opportunity in the future. I always open doors, never close them.

We are working in an elite market with very demanding buyers who are used to living in a luxurious and confidential lifestyle. A lot of deals are off-market, our clients do not want their neighbors, friends or partners to know they are selling or the price that they sold for. For this reason, it is all about networking, word of mouth and reputation.

How has the real estate industry in the French Riviera and Monaco changed over the past few years?

Since the post-war period, the Côte d´Azur Real Estate Market has grown steadily and slowly.

There are few destinations in the world that combine so many positive and reassuring factors. The climate, the countryside, the sea, the economic and political stability of the country and above all a history.

This is what makes the French Riviera one of the favorite destinations for our customers around the world today. In recent years, and exponentially since the start of the pandemic, our clients have realized the importance of owning a property in the South of France, combining pleasure and investment.

How do you think the industry will continue to evolve?

Nowadays, technologies have become an essential part of our business and definitely provide great tools to work with. The opening of real estate through the internet changed the way to do real estate completely. Clients go online, compare prices, review all properties on the market and it becomes a habit for them to seek confidential properties never published on the web.

Like is often the case with financial crisis, luxury real estate becomes a safe value to invest in for our clients with deep pockets. Even if they are looking for a large family-house, they always keep in their mind a notion of investment.

There are many real estate firms on the market, what makes you unique?

Personally, it is the fact that the passion I put into this job has remained the same after several decades. That passion gives a sense of trust with all my buyers and sellers. I am always available, no matter what, I actually do not remember when my last holidays were…

In Saint-Tropez we have a well synchronized and helpful team. I am surrounded by three talented women that I chose for their human qualities as much as their skills and determination.

It is also very important to know how to create relationship with clients, it is not always about real estate. Contrary to the general idea, in an industry where human relationships are not always the priority, I do not think real estate is only a world for sharks, it can bring many beautiful and interesting meetings and stories.

As for our group, SPARK & PARTNERS has been established in Monaco for a decade. The firm established itself in a highly-luxury market and managed to become a leader on that tiny market really fast. Its growth and success mainly comes from its DNA, that is based around trust, relationship and expertise. Today the group is specialized in luxury properties on the French Riviera, Monaco and also Switzerland.

Thank you Giorgio for your time!
You can follow up with Giorgio Imparato and the whole group at