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Sarasota church partners with medical relief group to alleviate over $5 million dollars in medical debt for low income people in local area

A local church has found a new way to help needy people in their community get out of medical debt. In perhaps their most generous community outreach project to date, Grace Community Church partnered with RIPMedicalDebt.Org – and through strategically power-buying large chunks of medical debt, have actually helped arrange forgiveness of $5.2 million dollars of their medical debt!

Dr. Chip Bennett, Senior Pastor at Grace, commented on why a church would help pay off the medical debts of people they don’t even know: “We believe our mission as a church is to outrageously love on our local community, showing them God’s extravagant love in fun and practical ways! We hope this blesses our community, while inspiring other churches and organizations to do the same!”  Recipients of the relief were chosen based upon their need by RIP Medical Debt.

Since the church’s founding in 2013, Grace has earned a reputation for being heavily involved in meeting the needs of the local community. Sometimes their outreach is lighthearted and fun, such as when they partner with Lakewood Ranch to close Main Street and throw a block party for the whole town on the First Friday of each month. Other times their partnerships are more serious and “need-based,” such as providing back to school backpacks for underprivileged children, working with local leaders to fight sex-trafficking, or helping to improve the lives of those in Foster Care.

Their next big event is the 4th Annual Christmas On Main Community Candlelight Service & Holiday Festival. On Monday, December 23rd, Grace Community Church will partner with Lakewood Ranch to block off Main Street for a big night of carnival rides, snow hills, games and more. The evening will conclude with thousands of people gathering together to sing by candlelight!

Grace Community Church has recently expanded to 2 locations (Bee Ridge Rd in Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch) offering 6 weekend service opportunities. For more information about Grace click here.