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Living the Dream: How IMMPAAC Turned His Inherited Dream into a Reality

A career in the music industry is not always about all the glitz and glam. Every day, thousands of fresh talents try to penetrate the industry and make their mark, but only a few succeed in distinguishing themselves for their talent. Years of diligence and dedication go into what we perceive as real success. Music producer IMMPAAC has a similar story. He inherited his father’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a popular music artist and took the industry by storm. 

Born as Nate Jolley, he adopted the stage name IMMPAAC to distinguish himself in the industry. IMMPAAC was introduced to the stage at the tender age of 13 when he became a part of a tour to Cuba to open for the legendary musician Herbie Hancock. The jazz ensemble did not mark the beginning of his career in the industry but was a great boost for him to pursue a career in music. Growing up under the influence of his father, Noble Levi Jolley Sr., a veteran jazz guitarist, helped him in shaping the foundation of his career. After graduation from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University with an honors degree in jazz studies, IMMPAAC started honing his skills to navigate the industry. 

Initially, it was difficult for him to carve a niche in this competitive space, but his talent was gradually recognized. He started his career as an executive music producer working on the “BET Wrap It Up Tour Mixtape.” he gave his heart and soul to the performance, and the show ended up with an Emmy. Since then, IMMPAAC has never looked back. He has accomplished many landmark projects in his career, earning prestigious awards and nominations for his work. 

IMMPAAC received a Stella nomination for his work in Kenny Lattimore’s album A Kenny Lattimore Christmas. He has also composed music for the Emmy award-winning film The Rehearsal. So far, IMMPAAC has collaborated with several A-list artists in the industry like French Montana, Fifth Harmony, Kenny Lattimore, King Los, Chante Moore, and Mya to produce incredible music that has enthralled people across the country. 

After creating an accomplished career in the music industry as a record producer, IMMPAAC thought it was the right time to give back. He started Lion Pack Music Group, a global high-end multimedia entertainment company. The record label produces audio and visual entertainment to a diverse international consumer group. So far, Lion Pack Music Group has introduced many popular artists to the industry like Shahadi Wright Joseph, the 11-year-old girl who worked in Disney’s The Lion King and Jordan Peele’s Us. Other stars discovered by the label include Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony, and Trinidad Cardona. 

IMMPAAC wants to continue building his legacy through Lion Pack Music Group and introducing a bunch of fresh talent to the industry. He is looking forward to collaborating With more popular artists across the world. IMMPAAC is planning to roll out an EP by 12-year-old Carson Ferris, who is already an internet sensation. Currently, IMMPAAC is optimistic about his upcoming project, a single titled “Porsche” by social media influencer Runik. The song will be released under the Lion Pack Music label as an exclusive NFT in partnership with Basscube, a direct-to-fan music platform that helps fans invest in their favorite musicians. 

IMMPAAC feels this new move will be a trailblazer in the industry, scaling up his company and encouraging more new talent to navigate the industry.