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Photo: Unsplash

Little known perks of living as an introvert

What can we say, it’s hard being an introvert. For the most part, there are a ton of misconceptions surrounding introverted personalities. But it isn’t all bad. Many people tend to believe that extroverts have all the fun but here are 5 little known perks of being an introvert:


  • Not relying on others to have a good time
    There are people who get bored easily without company but introverts know how to keep themselves occupied. Whether it be some quiet time with a book or going out to watch a movie on their own. An introvert knows how to have a good time in solitude.
  • Knowing when to say no
    This can easily be translated as selfishness but it shouldn’t be. Some people find it hard to prioritize themselves over their social life. Probably because they make an effort to fit in or join the crowd. But an introvert knows when to say no when they aren’t comfortable with something.
  • Increased self-awareness
    While self-awareness can either be a good or bad thing, it’s not difficult to see it in a positive light. Introverts tend to be observant and are aware of their actions. This means they are likely to sympathize and take others into consideration before doing something or making decisions.
  • Introverts are good at reading personalities
    Well, most are. Because introverts make good observers, they can tell when someone is of good character. This makes it easier to know if someone will only bring toxicity in their lives or will make a valuable friend.