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Listen to these 5 TED Talks if you’re striving for work-life balance

Robert Waldinger
What Makes A Good Life? Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness

Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger directed a study on adult development that spanned a length of 75 years. In his TED talk, Waldinger shares his findings and what he concludes will make living happy and satisfactory. While success is often synonymous with fortune, he explains how the quality of relationships you have is the reason behind a good life.

Laura Vanderkam
How To Gain Control Of Your Free Time

Time management expert Laura Vanderkam launched a study on how busy and on-the-go women spend their time. She found that making more time might be impossible but accommodating priorities within a time frame is an effective strategy. Vanderkam explains how we can “build the lives we want in the time we’ve got.”

Nigel Marsh
How To Make Work-Life Balance Work

Nigel Marsh worked on seven years worth of research focusing on work-life balance. His findings are relatable, straight to the point and thought-provoking. Marsh notes how workers can’t rely on their bosses and workplace to adjust policies that encourage work-life balance. However, we as individuals can adjust our time to prioritize the varying aspects of it.

Anne-Marie Slaughter
Can We All “Have It All”?

Public policy expert Anne-Marie Slaughter takes a look at the bigger picture and points out how public policies, social norms, and work culture should progress towards creating equality. “In the workplace, real equality means valuing family just as much as work, and understanding that the two reinforce each other,” she discussed.